2.5D IC

ASE is one of the pioneers in 2.5D/3D packaging technology and has successfully introduced the mass production of the world's first 2.5D IC package equipped with High Bandwidth Memory (HBM). 2.5D refers to die stacking package using interposers to achieve the best performance of internet connectivity.

An Si interposer with TSV (Through Silicon Via) can be used as a platform to bridge the fine pitch capability gap between assembly substrate and integrated circuit board. It can help to keep the pad pitch scaling path without being limited by assembly substrate technology. In addition to the above advantage, integrating GPU, CPU and memory together with decoupling capacitor is also feasible by ASE 2.5D IC solution.

  • Higher level GPU and network server
  • FPGA
  • Game consoles
  • Single transfer by interposer
  • Data transfer distance reduced by 90%
  • 70% of the PCB footprint reduced by the HBM
  • Multifunction integration: ASIC + HBM
  • Low power consumption and high performance
  • Excellent heterogeneous integration technology