Corporate Citizenship and Social Involvement

ASE Group is committed to devoting ourselves to the community through charity, educational programs and social work which optimize resource allocation and maximize positive social impacts.

ASE continuously engage with local communities, environmental NGOs, government, industry, academic, and other stakeholders in strategic ways to gain trust as well as obtain direct input to support social development while achieving corporate and societal value. At the same time, we strive to facilitate public advocacy related to our core business and sustainable development in order to extend positive impact and to promote a positive corporate image.

ASE's social involvement strategy focuses on four aspects: "environment conservation", "industry-academia collaboration", "community engagement" and "public advocacy". The "Social Involvement Taskforce" is established under the "Corporate Sustainability Committee" to promote social involvement and related initiatives within the Group. The taskforce also reviews each development aspect's related inputs, benefits and impacts in accordance with the London Benchmark Group (LBG) mode. In 2016, our total spend in social involvement was about US$ 7 million (NT$ 228 million), accounting for 0.8% of ASE Group's profit before income tax, with nearly 1,650 employee with over 6,600 volunteer hours.