MEMS & Sensors

In MEMS and sensor, the package protects the sensitive internal structures from environmental influences such as temperature, moisture, high pressure and oxidizing species. The long-term stability andreliability of the functional elements depend on the encapsulation process. Metal bonding which is one of bonding technology using molten metal entails heat, applied locally or generally and a molten metal phase, either provided from the parent material of the parts being joining, as in welding, or from a molten metal phase.


For certain MEMS device, such as RF MEMS, vacuum or atmosphere is a necessity and influence sensor performance directly. Therefore, metal-to-metal (M2M) technology is focused recently to provide not only high quality hermetic but also fine pitch interconnection.

Internal structure protecting device packages and direct electrical interconnect structures without additional steps.


Thin film solder bonding is achievable through metal to metal bonding by test vehicle validation.