2023 / 01 / 18

Design of Dual-Band (28/39GHz) Antenna-in-Package with broad bandwidth for 5G Millimeter-Wave Application

Sheng-Chi Hsieh; Hong-Sheng Huang; Wen-Chun Hsiao; Si-Min Wang; Cheng-Yu Ho

In this paper, we present a dual-band (28/39GHz) 2 by 2 antenna array design on a 10 (4+2+4) multi-layer organic substrate bringing broad bandwidth and higher isolation onto a compact AiP module. The antenna structure is a stacking patch antenna with multi-parasitic elements to improve bandwidth. This proposed H-type slot antenna structure can improve interference and isolation between 28 and 39GHz bands. The dimension of dual band AiP is about 13 by 13 mm2. Our AiP design has better than 10 dB return loss in 24.6-29.65 GHz range, with ~5 GHz bandwidth and provides a high-gain (above ~11.5 dBi) radiation pattern for 28GHz applications. For 39GHz band, the antenna has 6 GHz bandwidth and provides a 10 dBi gain between 38–44 GHz. The isolation is greater than 15 dB between low and high band. Finally, the 3D beam steering of 2 by 2 antenna array is simulated with multi-states at 27GHz, with a maximum realized gain of 11.1dBi achieved in the beam direction (θ=28°, Φ=312°) of quadrant IV. It shows that beamforming can be generated at a specific beam direction by controlling the phase of the signal in each antenna element. The compact size antenna structure provides a broadband benefit to approach 28GHz mmWave bands of 3GPP standard for n257, n258, and n261.

Published in: 2022 IEEE 24th Electronics Packaging Technology Conference (EPTC)