2021 / 10 / 12

Unlocking More in Wearable Devices

Evelyn Lu

The rapid development of smart wearable devices is driving improvements in sensor and packaging technology that offers unprecedented business opportunities for the semiconductor industry. System-in-Package (SiP), a packaging technique that enables highly integrated miniaturized systems through the integration of different sensors and chips with multiple functions (MCU, memory and more) within a small form factor, is fast becoming the preferred packaging solution for future wearable devices.

SiP technology is designed to enable dense circuitry, which in turn allows miniaturization, lowers power consumption, improves radio frequency and maximizes functional capacity. Additional IC testing and testing of aged units further ensure chip performance and consistent quality. From smart watches, smart glasses to Bluetooth headsets, SiP integration technology is enabling chip designers to customize solutions easily. For example, more than 30 components can be integrated onto a single chip with a size of 4mmx8mm or 4.55mmx9mm, vastly reducing the product size and its overall weight by 1 gm or more.

SiP Solutions for Hearables

In the designing of hearable devices, miniaturization is achieved through SiP packaging because it reduces the motherboard area and mitigates radio frequency and audio interference. Features like acoustic design and active noise control can be easily adjusted thereby, freeing up more space to optimize the acoustic cavity design to produce better sound quality and increase battery life. The addition of a built-in antenna using an AiP (Antenna-in Package) solution can further optimize the isolation between audio and radio frequency.

ASE’s SiP solution provides several advantages to customers:

  • Reduces inventory and material inspections, simplifying assembly and testing processes.
  • Reduces assembly manpower and work processes.
  • Provides customized solutions that meets product design and acoustic specifications.
  • Reduces time-to-market and provides a cost competitive solution.
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