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Flip Chip CSP

FCCSP (Flip Chip Chip Scale Package) offers chip scale capacity for I/Os around 200 or less. FCCSP provides better protection for chip and better solder joint reliability compared with direct chip attach (DCA) or chip on board (COB). FCCSP is more superior to known good die (KGD) in low-cost test and burn-in, and performs comparable electrical function with KGD. FCCSP features thin and small profile, and lightweight packages.

Applications include RFICs and memory ICs. ASE provides packaging service for any customer-designed size at ball pitches ranging from 0.5 to 1.0mm, and no. of I/Os from 16 to 200. The types of encapsulation are underfill and overmold.


• Camcorders
• Digital Camera

• Voltage Regulators
• High-speed Memory
• Card
• PC Peripherals

• Pagers
• Cellular Handsets

  • Thinner Profile: “Wafer Thinning” capability (down to 6~8 mils) to support packages thinner than 1.0 mm
  • Substrate: 2-layer BT laminate substrate is used to reduce overall package cost
  • Improved Performance: Thin core (100um) substrate & via-on-pad design can be adopted to achieve better electrical performance
  • Robust Structure: Overmolded process can enhance throughput, component and board level reliability
  • NSMD with OSP C4 pad: Low cost solutions for electric interconnect between solder bump and substrate

  • Low cost fcCSP package design
  • Based on 2L substrate with 30/30 L/S
  • Molded underfill
  • Large strip manufacturing form factor

  • Newest generation POP package
  • CSP manufacturing form factor
  • Laser via in mold compound with solder first
  • Excellent warpage control
  • Self-registration for TOP package