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Quad Flat Package (QFP) is popular among the quad packages. The reason is the fine etching or stamping lead frames enables QFP to contain more leads and feature a smaller profile to perform better electrical characteristics by shortening the interconnection (the lead width can be as small as 0.16mm while the outer lead pitch is 0.4mm only). The thinner and flexible leads in gull-wing shape also provide better 2nd-level reliability (package-to-PCB reliability).

The package with drop-in HS can allow more than 50% power dissipation compared with a conventional package (e.g. in QFP 28x28mm, the allowable power of standard type and the type with HS is about 2.1W and 3.5W respectively). This drop-in HS drives off the heat from the chip more easily by extending the conduction area, and transferring more heat via the lead frame. QFP with drop-in HS is to package sizes of 14x20, 28x28, and 32x32mm.


  • Portable Consumer Products (PDA, Digital Camera, etc)
  • System Board
  • Power Controller
Quad packages have been used for years to meet increasing challenges of faster processors/controllers, ASICs, DSPs, gate arrays, logic, memory ICs (EEPROM, Flash, DRAM & SRAM), PC chipset, video-DAC, multi-media and other related application.

HS-QFP is suitable for use in high thermal applications like power & voltage regulators, power amplifiers, etc.

  • High-speed data processing
  • High density interconnection
  • Cost competitive
  • MCM/stack structure design
  • High thermal conductive
  • Fine pitch wire bond capability
  • Pb-free process ready and available
  • JEDEC standard compliant