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Power SiP Module

ASE's Embedded (Chip) Technology is considered an alternative solution to achieve higher level integration with multi-functionalities and form factor shrinkage advantages. ASE a-EASI is suitable for power electronics applications to reduce power loss and high thermal dissipation which also had robust mechanism. Embedded Technology provides SMT integration and flexible routing solution to reduce PCB size. The short connection path though Cu via structure. a-EASI applied metal lead frame to die placement which has high thermal dissipation and EMI benefit.


All integrated power devices and driver can be packaged in the sample package, intelligent power switches which combined function of driver, power switch, protection circuitry and diagnostic feedback on a single IC, or power analog application are suitable to the kinds embedded technology.

The figure below shows cross-section illustrations of a multi die in aEASI structure which integrates power chips and a controller. The package includes a metal lead frame, RDL layers, via connect to chips and lead frame for connection, the back side of package could be for SMT if necessary.

The structure properties include

  • Metal lead frame
  • Multi-die embedded in substrate
  • Double side RDL layers build up capability
  • Small form package factor capability
  • SMT on surface of substrate
  • Meets JEDEC MSL3 CLR requirements