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FBGA (Fine pitch Ball Grid Array) are BGA package that follows JEDEC standard package outline dimension for DRAM products. To meet high speed DRAM requirement, FBGA can be designed the shorter trace length to provide better electrical performance than that of TSOP. Not only better electrical performance, FBGA's smaller package size allows higher memory density on memory module than that of TSOP package.

  • Computer, Communication, and Consumer Devices
  • Memory (SRAM, PSRAM, Flash, DRAM), Graphic, ASIC, Digital and Analog Products
  • 10x10.5 to 11x13mm packages are available
  • Good electrical and thermal performance
  • Low assembly and test cost solution
  • Low profile
  • JEDEC MO-207J standard outlines conforming
  • RoHS and Halogen free conforming
  • Good solder joint reliability
  • Meet JEDEC drop test/TCT requirement

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