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Module Substrate

In a vast and rapid changing world of technology, demands in semiconductor devices continuously increased over the years. Compact size, light weight and cost effective are put into consideration. With these demands ASE progressively continues on developing advanced, high end and sophisticated substrate materials with more complex and rigid designs. In line with this is the development of module substrates. A substrate that interconnects between the integration of multiple devices in one package. It is a combination of active and passive devices. With these developments ASE unceasingly innovates and leads substrate package solution and adapts to the rapid changing world of technology, meeting costumers’ demands, expectations and satisfactions.


Wireless devices: Wireless modules on smart phones and tablet PC’s

  • Compact size
  • Cost effective
  • Light weight
  • Integration of multiple devices in one
  • Better performance in terms of connectivity and electrically making electrical paths shorter


Item Condition/Duration
Pre-Condition SAT(T=0) → Bake 125℃, 24hrs → Soaking 30℃/60%, 192hrs → Reflow 260℃/3 cycles
TCT -60℃~150℃/850 cycles
UHAST 130℃/85%, 96hrs
UTHB 85℃/85%, 1000hrs
HTST Bake 150℃, 1000hrs
PCT 121℃/100%, 168hrs