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PBGA Substrate

PBGA (Plastic Ball Grid Array) package consist of wire-bonded die on base substrate made up of glass fiber immersed resin copper clad laminate and encapsulate it by plastic (epoxy molding compound). ASE is capable of providing substrate suitable for high power and high speed package requiring enhanced thermal and electrical performance.

  • Microprocessors/Controllers
  • ASIC
  • Graphics and PC Chipsets
  • Gate Arrays
  • PLDs, DSPs
  • Memory Packages
  • Communications & Networking
  • Low assembly cost
  • High interconnect density
  • Flexible sizes ranging from 15x15mm to 45x45mm
  • Available in thinner substrate by using thin core
  • Etch back process
  • Multi-layer options for signal, power and ground plane's electrical performance improvement


Item Condition/Duration
MST Level 3, 30°C/60% RH, 192 hrs
TCT -65ºC~150ºC, 1000 cycles/-55~125ºC,
HAST 130°C/85% RH, 33.5 psi 96 hrs
HTST 150°C, 500/1000 hrs