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Semiconductor Embedded in Substrate (SESUB)

SESUB (Semiconductor Embedded in SUBstrate) is a technology that embeds the IC in the laminated substrate. This substrate with the thinned IC embedded can be mounted with various electronic components to form a highly integrated, multiple function module/package. SESUB enables the micro-modularization of functional circuitry such as high-performance PMUs for smartphones as well as Bluetooth modules. SESUB has already been a proven technology by many customers and IC vendors.

A broad application coverage including:
  • Power
  • Connectivity
  • Sensor
  • Processor
  • High Frequency Application
  • Audio
  • Automotive ADAS
The figure below illustrates the cross-section view of a multi die embedded module utilizing SESUB technology. The SESUB is a 1-2-1 4-layer structure which provides properties for size reduction, thermal dissipation, mechanical robustness, performance improvement. SESUB not only serves as module, but also as package with thin thickness.

The properties include
  • Multi-die embedded in substrate
  • Very thin die thickness min. 50um
  • Thin substrate thickness max. 280um
  • High integration package
  • Small form factor
  • Space saving
  • Low profile
  • Low noise emission
  • Enhance heat dissipation
  • Robust copper connection
  • Mitigate unwanted noise radiation
  • SMT on surface of substrate
  • JEDEC MSL3 certified