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ASE Wafer Level Integrated Passive Device (WL IPD) is a glass based wafer level process, well developed for today’s most advanced RF communication solutions. It is with custom design, high performance and small form factor, fully compatible with current assembly process in QFN, BGA/LGA, Flip Chip packages, and in WLCSP. AIC (above IC) process is also available.

Most of current applications are in the RF solutions, specific functional devices, such as resonator, filter, diplexer, balum, transformer and etc. ASE IPD is a custom design solution, any other opportunities for IPD is welcomed.
  • High accuracy 200mm thin film process
  • Very low loss glass substrate
  • High Q-factor inductor: 10 or 15um Cu
  • Single or double layer
  • Integrated package and turnkey solutions


ASE offers total turn-key solution from IPD design/simulation to process, package, and final test completed solution at one single stop. Fully characterized and well established design library for any design requirement. Production since 2011, and has shipped over 200 million units.

Test Item Test Condition Duration Quantity Results
Pre-conditioning MSL3/260°C
(T/C -65°C/150°C 5 cycles,
Backing 125°C 24hrs, 30°C/60%RH 192hrs,
Reflow 260°C max 3 times)
N/A 180 Passed
Temperature Cycle Condition B
(-55°C ~ 125°C, 30min/cycle, Air to Air)
1000 cycles 45 Passed
HAST 130°C/33.3 PSIA/85%RH 100 hours 45 Passed
HTST 150°C 1000 hours 45 Passed
PCT 121°C/100%RH/29.7 PSIA 168 hours 45 Passed