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Social Involvement

ASE Group is committed to devote ourselves to the community through charity, education and social work which optimize resource allocation and maximize social influences.

ASE continuously engages with local communities, NGOs, government, industry, academic and other stakeholders in strategic ways to establish trust and obtain direct input to support social development, while achieving corporate and societal value. At the same time, we strive to facilitate public advocacy related to our core business and sustainable development to promote a positive corporate image and create a meaningful influence to society.

ASE's social involvement strategy focuses on four aspects: "environment conservation", "industry-academia collaboration", "community engagement" and "public advocacy". The "Social Involvement Taskforce" is established under the "Corporate Sustainability Committee" to promote social involvement and related initiatives within the Group. The taskforce also reviews each development aspect's related inputs, benefits and impacts in accordance with the London Benchmark Group (LBG) mode.

ASE Group Public Affairs Engagement Policy

As an international corporate citizen, ASE endeavours to advance public welfare while devoting ourselves to conducting stable business operations and managing shareholder returns. We seek to effect positive change and impact across the globe society.

Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that any contributions or spending regarding public affairs we make are:

  • For the purpose of supporting public affairs or promoting public policies
  • In compliance with all applicable accounting principles and laws and regulations of countries in which we operate
  • Adequately disclosed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and reporting requirements
  • In accordance with our relevant ethical policies and specifications
And the organizations that ASE supports are limited to those:
  • Have a consistent view with ASE on the core business and sustainable development relevant issues that ASE cares about
  • Provide venues for discussion regarding public policy issues and advocate for common business interests

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