CSR Report Questionnaire

Stakeholder Concern Questionnaire of Corporate Sustainability Report

Advanced Semiconductor Engineering Inc. (ASE) reports on its effort on sustainability issues and performance annually through its Corporate Sustainability Report. The purpose of this questionnaire is to understand stakeholders’ suggestions for our Corporate Sustainability Report so that important issues you feel concerned about can be presented in the report. Many thanks for spending your precious time to complete this questionnaire.
This survey is anonymous, and your survey data will not be used for other purposes except as herein stated.

Please indicate which kind of stakeholder you are:


Please tick the box with the degree of your concern about the sustainability issues.

Sustainability Issues Description Degree of Concern
High Neutral Low Very
Economic Corporate Governance Governance structure and composition; The Board of Directors' independent ability to oversee the company and its strategies
Business Ethics Codes of conduct and codes of ethics; Anti-corruption; Anti-competitive Behavior; Information security (including customer proprietary information protection)
Regulatory Compliance Promote awareness of compliance with laws and regulations; Regulatory compliance training
Stakeholder Communications Understanding the reasonable expectations and interests of stakeholders
Business Strategy and Performance Industrial arrangement/Market positioning; Enterprise competitiveness; Direct economic value generated (Revenues); Economic value distributed (operating costs, employee wages/benefits, payments to providers of capital, payments to government, community investments)
Supply Chain Development Procurement practice; Local purchasing; Sustainable supply chain
Innovation Management New process/New product development; Technology/Intellectual property acquisition and management
Risk Management Risk identification, assessment, and response; Catastrophic contingency planning
Environmental Environmental Management System Environmental management system; Hazardous substance management; Environmental Expenditures
Climate Change Climate change mitigation and adaptation; Carbon management (greenhouse gases management); Green buildings; Green factory
Waste Management Waste reduction and recycling
Water Resource Management Enhancing utilization efficiency of water resource, Reducing wastewater discharge
Energy Management Enhancing efficiency of energy utilization
Green Solutions Providing product solutions that can be compact, lightweight, and energy efficient; Green manufacturing
Supplier Environmental Performance Supplier/contractor environmental assessment
Use of Recycled Raw Materials Use recycled input material to manufacture products
Social Training and Talent Development Employee training & education; Talent Development
Human Right, Equality & Diversity Non-discrimination; Equal Remuneration for Women and Men, Diversity and equal opportunity
Labor/Management Relations Employee communication; Compensation and welfare
Employee Health & Safety Occupational Health and Safety
Supplier Social Performance Supplier assessment for: Impacts on society & labor Practices (including Employment practices, Health and safety practices, Wages and compensation, Working hours); Conflict Minerals
Significant Community Development Community development (education, inspiring the next generation of children, NGO work, strategic giving, philanthropy)
Environmental Conservation Charity & Initiatives Environmental education promotion; Environmental awareness promotion; Environmental quality enhancement; Environmental impact minimization; Environmental charity sponsorship

*Please write down new sustainability issue or anything you want to suggest us:


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