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Employee Care

ASE pays attention to employees' interests, physical and mental health while working in the company. Thus, we have established "Employee Welfare Committee", "Employee Meal Committee" and "Labor Pension Fund Committee" that aims to develop a more comprehensive and sound welfare system for our employees.

Compensation & Welfare

In addition to offering fair and non-discriminatory compensation, our full-time employees are entitled to a consistent remuneration package. ASE reviews local market pay practices annually to ensure our employees' base pay remains competitive. All employees, regardless of gender or job title, are required to undergo performance appraisals. We offer monthly incentive bonuses and annual profit-sharing bonuses to reward employees' diligent contributions to the company. Cash bonuses are rewarded to the employees with the top performance each month based on our business results. Annual bonuses are rewarded to employees who have fulfilled their responsibilities and delivered superior results within the financial year. ASE also has an employee stock option program for the purpose of retaining outstanding employees. Employee stock options are valid for 10 years from the issue date.

Labor Unions

ASE respects employees' human rights and harmonious labor/management relations. We have labor unions at certain of our facilities including ASE Kaohsiung, Weihai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Shanghai (A&T), Korea, Japan and Singapore, and these Unions have been serving ASE employees for many years. Union meetings are held once every quarter to communicate with employee representatives and resolve employee welfare related issues.

Employee Communication

We respect employees' opinions and provide various channels for employees to voice any comments or concerns they may have related to their workplace. Our Human Resources Department has provided various two-way communication channels, including:

  • E-mails Announcements — to announce group-wide updates and messages from top management
  • Bulletin Boards — to provide information related to labor compliance policy, health and safety, and company activities
  • On-Site TV News/Information — to broadcast employees' welfare-related information
  • General Manager/Plant Director Mailbox — to deliver employees' opinions/suggestions to GM/Plant Director directly
  • Employee Opinions Box — to collect and respond to employees' grievance and feedback
  • Employee/Foreign Employee Symposium — to share and discuss work experiences, regular symposium with foreign employee every month
  • Counseling Room — to provide one-on-one counseling sessions
  • Labor Meeting — to have a communication between HR & labor representative quarterly
  • Periodical Issue — to interview employee and let employee to express their opinions

We invited 21,591 employees (80 percent of the company's indirect employees) to participate in the survey, and received 16,254 responses - a response rate of 75 percent. The survey had a six-point scale. The overall employee engagement survey result was 75 percent (based on positive answers). If we adopt a more stringent criteria to count the data (only including moderately & strongly positive answers), then the overall employee engagement survey result was 46 percent. Our improvement actions are based on the 46 percent data. We invited the HR departments of the 14 participating facilities to coordinate with expert consultants and organize three "employee engagement workshops" to better understand the implications behind the feedback. They were also asked to carry out improvement plans for the top 10 weaknesses at their respective facilities and implement these improvements in 2018.

ASE provides clean and welldesigned dining restaurants at its facilities, and subsidizes 50% (or above) of employee meal expenses. To ensure healthier and tastier meals, the restaurants update their menus every quarter and ensure that ingredients are from hygienic and reliable sources.

Cafeteria, ASE Kaohsiung

To provide special care to employees from out of town, we built our own dormitories in Kaohsiung, Shanghai, Kunshan and Weihai facilities. We also added buildings accommodating couples in Shanghai's employee dormitory last year and replaced old equipment and furniture. In 2015, we invested around US$31.6 million (NT$1 billion) to build a new dormitory at the Kaohsiung facility. In 2016, we invested about US$115K to purchase various equipment and supplies to ensure safety. In 2017, a newly-built dormitory was open accommodating over 3,000 out-of-town employees.

ASE Kaohsiung Facility's New Female Dormitory
ASE invested NT$1 billion in constructing a largescale dormitory for female employees. The dormitory is equipped with the latest solar heating technology which allows hot water to be maintained at a constant 42 degrees Celsius year-round. It also has a rainwater recycling system, saving 5,100 tons of water a year. The dormitory has all types of amenities, including convenience stores; a variety of healthy and tasty food options; 24-hour multilingual professional service and an elegant prayer room. Multimedia classrooms offer regular language courses and screen movies to enrich the lives of employees.

Dormitory, ASE Kunshan

ASE cares about the convenience and safety associated with employees' transportation. We provide shuttle bus pick-up and drop-off services between employee dormitories and facilities as well as shuttle bus services between facilities. Employees' parking fees within Shanghai employee Living Area are subsidized by ASE. In 2016, a license plate recognition system was installed at the employee living area to improve the safety and security of the residents.

Shuttle Bus within Facilities, ASE Kaohsiung

We care about employees' health and provide free physical health examinations to our employees at the clinics. There are also wellequipped gyms at many of our facilities that are free of charge. Additionally, employees have access to massage centers for fatigue and stress relief.

Employee Health Clinic, ASE Kaohsiung

Insurance Program
All ASE employees are covered by the national labor insurance and group insurance, including life insurance, accidental injury insurance, medical insurance, cancer insurance, and more. ASE also provides travel insurance for employees going on business trips. ASE also offers free group insurance to our employees' spouses and children.

Retirement Scheme
Defined benefit plans
The Company and its subsidiaries in Taiwan joined the defined benefit pension plan under the ROC Labor Standards Law operated by the government. Pension benefits are calculated on the basis of the length of service and average monthly salaries of the last six months before retirement. The Company and its subsidiaries in Taiwan make contributions based on a certain percentage of their domestic employees monthly salaries to a pension fund administered by the pension fund monitoring committee.

ASE Japan has a pension plan under which eligible employees with more than ten years of service are entitled to receive pension benefits based on their length of service and salaries at the time of termination of employment. ASE Japan makes contributions based on a certain amount of pension cost to employees. ASE Korea also has a pension plan under which eligible employees and directors with more than one year of service are entitled to receive a lump-sum payment upon termination of their service with ASE Korea, based on their length of service and salaries at the time of termination. ASE Korea makes contributions based on a certain percentage of pension cost to an external financial institution administered by the management and in the names of employees.

Defined Contribution Plans
The pension plan under the ROC Labor Pension Act (“LPA”) for the Group’s ROC resident employees is a government-managed defined contribution plan. Based on the LPA, the Company and its subsidiaries in Taiwan makes monthly contributions to employees’ individual pension accounts at 6% of their monthly salaries. The subsidiaries located in China, U.S.A., Malaysia, Singapore and Mexico also make contributions at various ranges according to relevant local regulations.

Employee Health Clinic, ASE Kaohsiung

Female Employee Care
We cater to the unique needs of our female employees and offer reserved parking spaces for pregnant employees, as well as private nursing rooms at ASE. At ASE Chungli and Korea, we have on-site kindergartens to provide child care services to employees. If employees need to stay at home to focus on child care, employees can apply for paid parental leave. In 2018, we started to build a "Kindergarten specific for ASE employees" of green building at the Kaohsiung facility.

Nursing Room, ASE Chungli

As soon as foreign employees join ASE, we will arrange language classes for them to aid in their education and training. Translators are also available at our facilities. New employees will also be provided information regarding local life and culture, and they will be guided by other more senior and knowledgeable foreign employees. All foreign workers are entitled to the same benefits enjoyed by local employees.

Adaptation Assistance, ASE Kaohsiung

ASE Kaohsiung Facility Kindergarten
To support our employees with young children, ASE's Kaohsiung facility spent NT$100 million to build an onsite kindergarten. The three storey kindergarten will have an area of 6,406 square meters, and is located at the Kaohsiung Oil Refinery Elementary School's historic site. It will be a green building with a wide outdoor space planted with trees and include animal habitats and aquaponics pond systems. These features will serve as green classrooms where students can learn about nature.

Day Care Center, ASE Chungli

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