Employee Health and Safety

ASE Group is committed to providing workers with a safe, healthy and conducive work environment. We formulate occupational health and safety ("OHS") management principles to effectively prevent occupational accidents and to ensure the health and safety of our employees at the workplace. The main focuses of ASE's OHS management include OHS management system and health and medical care.

OHS management system
In accordance with the "OHSAS 18001", "Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct", and local laws and regulations, we target "zero accidents" at all of ASE's manufacturing facilities. We have established OHS management organizations, formulated management measures and procedures, and designed regular audit processes to ensure that the OHS management system is implemented properly to prevent all types of accidents and ensure employees' health and safety. ASE facilities across the globe review OHS management systems regularly and have each passed the OHSAS 18001 management system certification*, plan is already in place to adopt ISO 45001*, the new international standard for occupational health and safety management systems, in the near future.

ASE's global facilities observe occupational safety, emergency response, work injury and occupational disease prevention, industrial hygiene, physical labor work, machinery protection, public health and accommodation, health and safety information covered under the OHS management system. Our facilities are also certified OHSAS 18001 and compliant with local health and safety regulations. On an annual basis, we assess and identify risks for all new or modified manufacturing processes ascertain risks and establish control procedures where needed.

We identify specific high-risk manufacturing processes that could expose our employees to hazards such as ionizing radiation, noise, dangerous chemicals and dust. These employees are provided with high quality protective equipment and undergo routine medical screenings to ensure that their health is in check.

OHS Management Processes

Major Occupational Injuries and Preventive Measures

In 2017, no major occupational injury involving casualties happened at ASE Group. The total number of occupational injuries was 73, a 42% reduction compared to 127 injuries in 2016. The statistics are: Injury Rate (I.R.) 0.099, Lost Day Rate (L.D.R.) 2.163, Absence Rate (A.R.) 2.67%, Occupational Disease Rate (O.D.R.) 0, disabling Frequency Rate (F.R.) 0.496 and disabling Severity Rate (S.R.) 9.243. Details are as shown in Appendix "2017 Occupational Health and Safety Statistics Data".

The F.R. and S.R. of the ATM and EMS facilities are lower than the Taiwan semiconductor industry's average.

Types of ASE's Occupational injuries include physical, chemical, ergonomic and biological injuries. In 2017, physical injury was 73 cases, a 33% reduction compared to 109 physical injuries in 2016, and no chemical, ergonomic or biological injuries occurred. Most of the physical injuries were results of falls and cuts. Improvement actions included the installation of more anti-slip strips and railings in staircases and the training of correct methods to wear protective equipment.

Health and Medical Care

ASE provides employees with comprehensive medical and health care, ranging from preventative care, statutory infectious disease emergency response procedures to emergency rescue response procedures. Through monitoring and analyzing our employees' health records, ASE is able to determine areas of risks and concerns affecting the employees' health and to actively improve their physical well-being. Employees with potential medical high risks are invited to participate in health improvement activities.

ASE continues to organize activities to help employees quit smoking and reduce weight, as well as promote healthy diets and regular exercise. ASE Kaohsiung facility also offers counseling clinics to help employees quit smoking and lose weight.

Health Care Management Process

Health Improvement Actions
Health Education
  • Themed health education platforms
  • Themed health information flyers
  • Packaged health education and health screening reports
Health Promotion
  • Healthy lifestyle, healthy living
  • Community health promotion
  • Workplace health promotion
Health Screening
  • Community preventive health checkup
  • Employee annual health screening
  • Physical examination for new hires
  • Additional annual health screening for specific job positions
Prevention and treatment of infectious disease
  • Epidemic prevention system procedure standardization
  • Infectious disease inspection agency (approved by Ministry of Health and Welfare)