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Environmental Management System and Certification

Facility / Certification ISO 14001
Environmental Management Systems
ISO 14064-1
Greenhouse Gases
QC 080000
Hazardous Substance Process Management System
ISO 50001
Energy Management Systems
ISO 14067
Carbon Footprint
ISO 14045
Eco-efficiency Assessment of Product Systems
ASE Kaohsiung v v v v v v
ASE Chungli v v v v    
ASE Suzhou v v v v    
ASE Weihai v v v      
ASE Wuxi v v        
ASE Shanghai (Material) v v v      
ASE Shanghai (A&T) v v v      
ISE Labs China   v        
ASE Kunshan v v v      
ASE Japan v v v      
ASE Korea v v v      
ASE Singapore v v v      
ASE Malaysia v V v      
ISE Labs* v V N/A   N/A N/A

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