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Energy Management

The majority of ASE's facilities are powered by electricity purchased from public power plants, with only a small number using natural gas, gasoline or diesel fuel. We have already implemented the ISO 50001 international standard at our Kaohsiung and Chungli facilities, the Kaohsiung facility established an energy management information platform to monitor real-time energy consumption.

Non-renewable Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuel usages are mainly for electric generators, forklifts, company vehicles, and boilers in living areas. When sorted by heat value (Giga Joules, GJ), the major fuel consumption 2019 is as shown in the. Total consumption of fossil fuel (LNG, diesel, motor gasoline, heavy oil, LPG) is 256,266GJ.

2019 ASE Fuel Consumption

Electricity Consumption

Our main energy management indicator is electricity intensity per revenue* (MWh/thousand USD revenue1). In 2019, the overall energy intensity fell by 3.2% compared to 2018. Green energy (including renewable energy/ certificates) accounted for 7.05% of the electricity used in 2019. We will continue to identify energy-saving hotspots and optimize production management and scheduling.

Electricity Consumption

Investing in Green Energy

The most meaningful approach in GHG management is to migrate to non-carbon based sources of energy. Our power needs are considerable, and we see green power and clean energy as viable alternatives to migrate away from carbon sources and reducing our overall GHG emissions. In 2019, ASE's renewable energy consumption is 156,645 MWh. The major programs are listed as below.

Country Facility Development Method 2019 Renewable Energy Consumption(MWh) Ratio to the Facility’s Electricity Consumption(%)
Taiwan ASE Kaohsiung* Solar power installation 34 <1%
U.S.A. ISE Labs Solar power installation 307 5%
China ASE Kunshan Solar power purchase 2,042 5%
ASE Wuxi Solar power installation 0.55 <1%
ASE Weihai I-RECs purchase 52,800 100%
ASE Suzhou I-RECs purchase 80,114 100%
ASE Shanghai MTL I-RECs purchase 9,347 10%
ASE Shanghai A&T I-RECs purchase 12,000 16%

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