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Green Bond Investor Letter

In July 2014, ASE Group has issued Asia’s first corporate Green Bond through its subsidiary Anstock II Limited. The US$300 million three-year senior offering demonstrates ASE’s commitment on our transition to low-carbon and climate resilient growth.

ASE’s Vision of Environmental Protection

“ASE strives to develop and promote a green concept in all facets of its enterprise. We are committed to ensuring the protection of the earth through our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, waste and effluent. Furthermore, we achieved an absolute reduction in total water withdrawal while increasing our production capacity as well as incorporating new production buildings. This is a significant milestone of our water resource management.” ~ 2014 ASE CSR Report

ASE believes one of our key objectives is to ensure the protection of environment through our Sustainable Development Management Program. Through this program we have launched a series of environmental protection activities including but not limited to Green Buildings, Energy Efficiency Enhancement Projects, and Water Recycling Projects. ASE commits to protection of the environment via reduced energy consumption, GHG emission reduction, and prevention of water pollution.

Estimated Benefits to the environment for the projects currently undertaken by ASE


Status Facility* Green Building Electricity Saving
GHG Reduction
Water Recycled
Actual ASEKH K12 18,961,818 9,898 77,489
Actual ASEKH K21 16,117,546 8,413 36,200
Estimated ASEKH K22 16,117,546 8,413 36,200
Estimated ASEKH K23 5,925,568 3,093 -
Actual ASEKH 7 upgraded Building 6,224,235 3,249 -
Estimated ASECL K&L 69,534,964 36,297 33,470
Total 132,881,677 69,363 183,359

Use of Proceeds

The proceeds raised via Green Bond have been invested in projects meeting high environmental standards. ASE has selected the Eligible Projects using a framework, reviewed by SEB, HSBC, and Cicero, the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research - Oslo.

As of 2015/12/31 the proceeds from the Green Bond were used to finance the following projects

Projects Type Location Property Investment Amt (USD M)*
Green Building Refinance Kaohsiung K12 51
Green Building New Kaohsiung K21 52
Green Building New Kaohsiung K22 54
Water Management New Kaohsiung K12 3
Water Management New Kaohsiung K14B 19
Water/Air Management &
Energy Efficiency System Upgrade
Upgrade Kaohsiung Multiple 8.6
Green Building New Chungli K&L 112
Water Management New Chungli Multiple 3.4
Energy Efficiency New Chungli K&L 0.6
Green Product Development New Chungli Multiple 0.1

Investment Amount Used Percentage
USD 300M 100%

Project Example

ASE’s K12 plant was the first semiconductor assembly and testing plant in the world to be awarded with both a LEED Platinum certificate and EEWH diamond certificate.

ASE’s Waste Water Treatment Building K14B designed to handle the 40,000 Tons waste water.

ASE’s K21 plant has awarded with an EEWH diamond certificate and is applying for LEED Platinum certificate.

ASE’s K22 plant is expected to be awarded with a LEED Platinum certificate and EEWH diamond certificate. The expected electricity saving is 16,680,514 kWh per year once completed.

ASE’s Waste water Control Center equipped with real time waste water control & monitor system, and the real time CCTV.

These two buildings have received LEED Gold certification and is applying EEWH certificate. As part of the green building program, the surrounding area of Chung Li campus also incorporate landscaping and eco-ponds meeting LEED-NC standards.

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