Green Facility

Since 2012, ASE has begun upgrading existing facilities and constructing all new manufacturing facilities and office buildings according to international Green Building standards such as the U.S. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and Taiwan EEWH (Ecology, Energy Saving, Waste Reduction and Health). We further promote the "Green Factory Label" Certification by implementing the Green Building concepts as well as Clean Production Processes to create a better working environment that uses energy more efficiently, enhances people's health and safety, improves reliability, operational efficiency and business performance.

Green Buildings

As of 2017, ASE has achieved 14 Taiwan EEWH certifications as well as 7 US LEED certifications including 1 "Diamond-rated", 1 "Silver-rated" and 1 "Copperrated" EEWH certifications, and 1 "Platinum-rated" & 1 "Gold-rated" LEED certifications which were awarded in the year 2017. Through the energy saving activities for EEWH/LEED certifications, our Green Buildings achieved electricity savings of over 299,522 MWh per year, equivalent to the carbon emission reduction of 157,560 tCO2e*. We plan to pursue an additional 9 Taiwan EEWH certifications and 1 US LEED certification.

ASE Green Buildings & Future Plan

Green Facotry

As of 2017, a total of seven plants received the "Green Factory Label,"1including our Kaohsiung K7 plant and Chungli A plant which was certified in the year 2017. We plan to obtain the "Green Factory Label" for additional four plants – Kaohsiung K9, K21, K22, K24 and K25 plants and Chungli K&L plant.