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Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing Declaration

ASE Group provides eco-efficient and responsible service to customers through the integration of sustainable practices into all stages of the manufacturing process, including material usage, design, procurement, production and packing. These practices help reduce costs, enhance competitiveness and reduce the impacts on environment, safety and health.

ASE Group is committed to:

  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Managing hazardous substances in parts and materials that are used to make products.
  • Providing product solutions that are compact, lightweight and energy efficient.
  • Continuously enhancing resource recycling, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation, wastewater effluent and chemical usage.
  • Reducing product packaging and wastes.

ASE Group Green Laboratory

Our green laboratory is dedicated to the following:

  • Evaluation and development of green materials: Evaluation of non-toxic or low toxic product raw materials and process chemicals.
  • Development of environmental testing technology: Establishment of monitoring technology, mechanism and standard, compliant with world environmental regulations.
  • Development of Green Process: Improve utilization rate of chemicals or raw materials; evaluate recovery, reduction and reproduction technologies for waste, wastewater and chemicals.
  • Development of Environment Friendly Packaging: Develop bio-composite packaging materials.

Sustainable Manufacturing Measure

Since all of the manufacturing stages are closely interlinked in terms of environmental, health and safety impact, continuous efforts are required to make incremental improvements and to achieve technological innovation. ASE aims to make such improvement and innovative efforts throughout our operations in order to continuously deliver sustainable products to customers.

Product Life Cycle Assessment

ASEH has been gradually adopting ISO 14067 (carbon footprint) and ISO 14005 (eco-efficiency) standards as references to assess the environmental footprint of the company’s operations and product life cycle, and in an effort to increase the value and raise the green standards in our products.

Type Products Carbon footprint Eco-efficiency
IC Packages BGA package
Leadframe package
Chip Scale Package(CSP)
Flip Chip package
Testing Service

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