Environmental Conservation

Since 2014, ASE has committed to donating at least NT$100 million per year for at least 30 years, to environmental protection in Taiwan. In 2017, NT$100 million was allocated for the ASE Cultural and Educational Foundation to implement "Environmental Conservation Fund (ECF)" programs. The focused aspects of the environmental conservation programs include "Environmental Education Promotion", "Environmental Quality Enhancement", "Environmental Impact Minimization" and "Environmental Arts Promotion".

Distribution by 2017 ECF Programs

2017 Accomplishments of ECF Programs

Environmental Education Promotion

Major Projects
  • Environmental Thesis/Dissertation Awards
  • Environmental Technology Research Proje
  • Southern Taiwan Environmental Education Projects
  • Environmental Issues Debate Competition
  • "CommonWealth" Magazine in Taiwan - Creative Teaching Material Competition
  • River Water Resource Documentary Films
  • Environmental and Ecological Courses for School Students
  • Environmental Education Films Projects

Environmental Impact Minimization

Major Projects
  • Campus LED Donation Projects
  • Water Recycling Model Plant Operation Sponsorship in NEPZ
  • Cuora Flavomarginata (yellow-margined box turtle) Conservation and Restoration
  • Green Supply Chain Projects
  • Sustainable Circular Economy Forum

Environmental Quality Enhancement

Major Projects
  • Afforestation projects
  • Reef conservation projects
  • EcoMobility World Festival and Congress 2017
  • Beach cleanup activities

Environmental Arts Promotion

Major Projects
  • Environmental Arts Projects
  • Lantern Festival in Kaohsiung
  • Spring Arts Festival in Kaohsiung
  • Public Social Welfare Sponsorships