Industry-Academic Collaboration

Industry-academia collaboration helps ASE to continue its innovative leadership within the semiconductor industry. For many years, we have worked with top universities to create job opportunities for the graduates and increase the country's competitiveness and improve social and economic environment. The ASE Group invests large resources as well as research to maintain its leading position in semiconductor technology. Moreover, the talent cultivation and enhanced academic capabilities that emerge from industry-academia collaborations not only benefit ASE, but also allow the entire semiconductor industry to thrive.

ASE has created key programs like "cooperative education and internship", "academic research collaboration", and "scholarships" to leverage on the expertise from these academic resources.In 2017, ASE continued its collaborations with local schools, contributing over US$ 0.89 million, including US$ 0.67 million towards 16 technology research collaborations and US$ 0.18 million for scholarships. We also recruited 390 interns and enrolled 122 students in the semiconductor master's degree program. Nearly 40 schools and research institutions in Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, etc. were involved in these collaborations.

2017 Accomplishments of Industry-Academia Collaboration Programs

  • Cooperative education and internships
  • Academic research collaborations
  • Scholarships
  • ASE Industry-Academia Career Development Project / Employment Orientation Project
  • Semiconductor Assembly and Manufacturing Education Program
  • ASE Internship
  • Company visits
  • Semiconductor Assembly Technology Research Projects
  • Manufacturing Automation Research Projects
  • Advanced Semiconductor Materials R&D Projects
  • Environmental Field Building Project
  • Scholarship for students in Remote Areas
  • University Students
  • Academic Institutions and Research Institutes
  • Semiconductor Industry
  • Improving Career Prospects and Competitiveness of Students
  • Improving Academic R&D Capabilities
  • Cultivating Talented Personnel for the Semiconductor Industry