Stakeholder Engagement

Identification and Communication with Stakeholders

We define stakeholders as a group or an organization that can affect or be affected by ASE. Based on the 5 major principles (dependency, responsibility, influence, diverse perspective, tension) of the AA1000 SES-2011 Stakeholder Engagement Standard (SES), we have identified 9 major categories of stakeholders. They are categorized into two groups based on whether the impact is direct or indirect. Our direct stakeholders include shareholders, employees, customers, and suppliers; our indirect stakeholders include community residents, government, industry unions and as"NGOs").

We engage with our stakeholders through a variety of means, depending on the nature of the relationship. The methods of engagement will var y depending on the stakeholders, the issues of concern and the purpose of engagement.

Our Communication Mechanisms & Focus

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Materiality Assessment Procedures

Results of Materiality Assessment