Supplier Development

ASE believes proactively engaging in supplier development is the key to ensure the sustainable development of our supply chain. We provide trainings, workshops, seminars and face-to face consultation to strengthen suppliers' capabilities to face the ever-changing sustainable trends and to help build up suppliers' awareness and capabilities for enhancement of their sustainable practices.

Supplier Sustainability Education and Training

To strengthen suppliers' ability to respond to global sustainability trends and risks, ASE organizes education and training on various sustainability issues and at multiple facilities to convey our requirements for supply chain management. In 2017, we conducted seven seminars/workshops in different parts of the world. 335 people from 243 suppliers attended.

ASE Korea held a seminar to convey ASE's management requirements and increase supplier awareness of RBA and ASE's conflict minerals management regulations to ensure that suppliers would be able to put ASE's requirements and regulations into practice. 22 people from 12 suppliers attended the seminar.

A total of 198 people from 149 suppliers participated in three Supplier Sustainability Seminars held by USI in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Taiwan facilities. In these seminars, USI's requirements toward suppliers were introduced to ensure suppliers' understanding of and compliance with USI's sustainability strategy, RBA Code and VAP implementation, ASE Conflict Minerals management requirement, and the latest international Green product regulation.

ASE Chungli facility helps assist and guide the suppliers and contractors to improve their working environment and enhance their concept of safety and health, through education and training. In 2017, ASE Chungli facility conducted a two-day training for suppliers and contractors, including: ASE Chungli supplier management requirement and targets, advocacy of safety and health laws and regulations, advocacy of occupational disaster related legal responsibility. 110 people from 30 suppliers and 47 contractors attended. Future management requirements and priorities were made clear during the workshop and external lecturers were invited to give lectures on health and safety concepts and related laws and regulations.

ASE Kaohsiung conducted workshops for 5 people from 5 service contractors. High-risk sustainability items and improvement actions were explained and discussed to help the service contractors establish risk control mechanisms.

ASE Best Supplier Awards Ceremony

At ASE Group's 2017 annual "Best Supplier Awards Ceremony", the theme of the ceremony was "Gear Towards a Sustainable World". It served to recognize and affirm the suppliers for their efforts in the previous year. In addition to "Best Supplier Award", the first "ASE Group Supplier Sustainability Award" was launched to highlight suppliers' excellent performance in sustainable development.

ASE Group Supplier Sustainability Award

The "ASE Group Supplier Sustainability Award" was established as a new category in the "2017 Best Supplier Awards". The selection criteria follows international standards and initiatives outlined by the EICC Code of Conduct, CDP, UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, etc. A total of six elements were covered: sustainable management, supply chain management, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, labor rights and sustainability performance.

The "Supplier Sustainability Award" was designed to not only emphasize the importance and commitment of supply chain sustainable performance in ASE's purchasing policies but also to convey sustainability as a core value in an enterprise.