Jul 22, 2016

ASE Kaohsiung Launches Car-Free Day

ASE promotes the use of sustainable transport alternatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and ensure cleaner air quality for all

Kaohsiung, Taiwan, July 22, 2016 - The ASE Group today launched the Car-Free Day at its flagship campus in Kaohsiung Nantze Export Processing Zone. Car Free Day aims to encourage people to be less dependent on their cars and try more sustainable travel alternatives. Since June this year, ASE has been encouraging its employees to use public transportation, cycle or walk to help reduce pollution and carbon footprint.

he event was led by Raymond Lo, General Manager of ASE Kaohsiung and included invited guests from the Kaohsiung city go vernment, the NEPZ and local public transportation companies.

Car-Free Day is part of a broader initiative by ASE to play an active role to reduce carbon emissions in Kaohsiung and improve the air quality of the city. ‘In recent years, traffic has increased in the NEPZ area which led to increased emissions of carbon and a higher level of air pollution, ’ said Raymond Lo. ‘As a prominent corporation deeply rooted in Kaohsiung, it is ASE’s social responsibility to adopt programs that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and traffic congestion, ’ he added.

Today’s activities include a walk led by GM Raymond Lo and over 100 employees from both the eastern and western gates of the NEPZ to ASE K11 building for the officiating of the Car-Free Day.


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