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Smart Bike

Riding a bike is a healthy mode of transport that is energy saving and reduces carbon emissions. Technology innovations today have helped make bikes smarter and safer. ASE’s SiP solutions go into the various sensors built into a smart bike that enable intelligent features such as automatic adjustments of front and rear lights depending on ambient light levels, gesture sensor direction lights, real time tracking of the rider’s heartbeat and oxygen levels, UV index detection, automatic locking through ID authentication and security alarm systems. ASE’s SiP solutions aim to unlock the opportunities in the application of intelligent technology for a safer and smoother ride.

  • Automatic locking via App when the rider leaves ID authentication
  • Automatic unlocking upon detection of user presence
  • Solutions
  • AoP BLE SiP

  • Triggering sound & light alarm when bike is being moved while locked
  • Solutions
  • Motion Sensor + BLE SiP

  • Automatic on/off based on ambient light
  • Solutions
  • Ambient Light Sensor + BLE SiP

  • UV intensity monitoring & alert generation
  • Solutions
  • UV Sensor + BLE SiP

  • Keeping tabs on heart rate & blood oxygen levels during exercise
  • Solutions
  • Optical Sensor + BLE SiP

  • Waving left/right to activate turn signal indicators to ensure safety
  • Solutions
  • Gesture Sensor + BLE SiP

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