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Smart City

A smart city is a city that integrates information and communication technologies to enhance the quality of living for its citizens. Smart cities make use of inter-connected information, data and resource sharing to efficiently manage various infrastructures such as street lighting, energy usage in buildings, and monitor traffic, parking and air quality. The ASE SiP solution platform opens up possibilities for many applications that support smart cities and consequently helps enable a sustainable future.

  • Street lights automatic on/off and brightness adjustment based on ambient light
  • Solutions
  • LoRa/SigFox/NB-IOT/LTE+MCU SiP
  • UV/IR Sensor
  • Electricity detection
    Real-time monitoring of power usage with automatic deployment of energy to achieve low carbon
  • Water detection
    Detection of water and leakage in buildings for intelligent management
  • Flood detection
    Record rainfall and changes in flood level, and provide immediate flood warning
  • Gas flow & leakage detection
    Record gas flow for quick inquiry and provide timely notification when gas leakage is detected
  • Solutions
  • LoRa/SigFox/NB-IOT/LTE+MCU SiP
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Gas Sensor

  • Monitor traffic conditions and notify traffic accidents or traffic jams in a timely manner
  • Solutions
  • LoRa/SigFox/NB-IOT/LTE+MCU SiP

  • Identify whether the parking space is in use and guide the vehicle to parking space via App
  • Solutions
  • LoRa/SigFox/NB-IOT/LTE+MCU SiP
  • Magnetic/IR Sensor
  • Camera with Image Recognition

  • Air quality (PM2.5, TVOC, etc.) detection
  • Solutions
  • Gas/TVOC/PM2.5 Sensor

  • Data transmission and storage
  • Solutions
  • 2.5D IC

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