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Smart Home

ASE’s SiP solution integrate sensors, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and wireless connectivity to allow home devices to communicate with each other or be remotely controlled via a smartphone app or personal computer. A smart home allows occupants to have full control of the devices and their functions in their homes from anywhere. Smart sensors using ASE’s SiP BLE connected to lights that flash or change color when abnormality such as temperature fluctuations, drop in indoor air quality or unauthorized door/window access are detected. Home security and energy savings are further enhanced through the use of smart home devices. A smart home improves the quality of life by providing more convenience, safety and comfort for its occupants.

  • Remote status check and control
  • Solutions
  • 2.5D IC
  • Handset RF Transceiver SiP
  • BLE + MCU + WiFi Connectivity SiP
  • BLE + MCU + AoP RF SiP
  • Remote-detection of temperature fluctuations, app notifications
  • Solutions
  • Environment Sensor + Wireless SiP

  • Automatic daylight detection to turn lights on/off
  • Solutions
  • Ambient Light Sensor + Wireless SiP

  • Lights can be switching among Living Room, Sleep, Party, Manual modes through App
  • Solutions
  • BLE + MCU + AoP SiP

  • Break-in detection, intruder lighting, App notifications
  • Solutions
  • Motion Sensor + Wireless SiP

  • Detection of Alcohol/CO/CO2/VOC; automatically flashing house lights in the event of an anomaly
  • Solutions
  • Gas Sensor + Wireless SiP

  • Energy efficient management Remote control
  • Solutions
  • Wireless SiP
  • Connectivity SiP
  • Lora

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