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Supply Chain Development

Supplier Sustainability Risk Assessment

To control the risk of suppliers, ASE conducts a supplier sustainability risk assessment via a three-stage approach annually. For more detail, please visit Supplier Sustainability Management.

Building Supplier Sustainability Management

To strengthen supplier's ability to respond to global sustainability trends and risks, and to help increase their awareness and capability in sustainability management, ASE regularly communicate our expectations on sustainability through the organizing of training courses for suppliers to participate in.

ASE Best Supplier Awards Ceremony

ASE holds the "Best Supplier Awards Ceremony" annually to recognize and affirm suppliers for their efforts in the previous year. Besides encouraging outstanding suppliers, ASE also seeks to emphasize the company’s support of strong partner relationships. In addition, we share the results of outstanding partners as a benchmark for other suppliers to follow and to demonstrate our focus on advancing sustainability performance with all our suppliers together for the benefit and progress of the electronics industry.

ASE Group Supplier Sustainability Award

In response to our corporate sustainability development and to exert a positive influence within the global electronics supply chain, the ASE Group is raising the bar in sustainability and risk management. We created the ASE Group Excellence in Sustainability Award’ for suppliers to promote their overall sustainability achievement. The award recognizes suppliers that adhere strongly to relevant laws, apply high standards in business ethics, safeguard human rights, promote labor welfare, protect the environment and devote themselves to fulfilling corporate social responsibility.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria follows international standards and initiatives outlined by the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct, Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, etc. There are six selection categories for the award – “Sustainability and Risk Management”, “Supply Chain Management”, “Environmental Protection”, “Safety, Health & Labor Rights" and “Culture of Sustainability”.

Three-Phases Selection Process

Phase 1: Preliminary Selection
The preliminary selection is conducted through analyzing the results from the ASE supplier sustainability risks assessment questionnaire/RBA SAQ.

Phase 2: Secondary Selection
A secondary review is commissioned to an independent third party that will verify the credibility of the information provided by the suppliers through on-site audits.

Phase 3: Final Selection
The selection committee for the final winners of the award is comprised of professional members from ASE and experts from external organizations. The final winners were determined to have taken the most progressive steps in corporate sustainability.

Sustainability Awards

Every year, the winner of the Sustainability Award will be publicly recognized at the "ASE Best Supplier Award Ceremony" and we will also share the best practices for benchmarking.

Sustainable Supply Chain Initiatives

As the leading provider of semiconductor assembly and test, ASE seeks to extend its influence for the benefit of the industry. We are members of the following organizations promoting the above initiatives.

Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)
In 2015, we became an applicant member. We actively participate at their annual meetings and engage with member companies to learn and exchange best practices in supply chain management.

Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI)
In 2015, we became a member and also joined the CMRT and Due Diligence (DD) work team.

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