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Advanced Embedded Active System Integration (aEASI)

ASE's Embedded (Chip) Technology is considered an alternative solution to achieve higher level integration with multi-functionalities and form factor shrinkage advantages. ASE a-EASI is suitable for power electronics applications to reduce power loss and high thermal dissipation which also had robust mechanism. Embedded Technology provides SMT integration and flexible routing solution to reduce PCB size. The short connection path though Cu via structure. a-EASI applied metal lead frame to die placement which has high thermal dissipation and EMI benefit.


All integrated power devices and driver can be packaged in the sample package, intelligent power switches which combined function of driver, power switch, protection circuitry and diagnostic feedback on a single IC, or power analog application are suitable to the kinds embedded technology.

P1 Structure

via direct on chip pad

  • Excellent electrical & thermal performance
  • HVM production proven

P2 Structure

  • Thermal enhance (exposed pad)
  • Thinner package
  • Support various footprint (BGA, LGA, QFN)
  • Single die pass AEC-Q100 G1 by customer
  • Embedded 8 chips max. (under customer qualification)

P3 Structure

via direct on chip pad

  • Improve design flexibility for vertical current device
  • Highly integration – smaller form factor


Key embedded chip technology will be copper via on die pad, Cu pad on die provided good connection structure, both of bare Cu pad or polyimide layer cover Cu. Compare with traditional lead frame package solution, a-EASI is the solution for low loss and high thermal performance requirement. In high current output, the power efficiency still achieves more than 90%.

Package Level
Test Item Test Condition Duration Quantity Results
PRECONDITON MSL3 (Soak: 30°C/60% RH) N/A 100 Passed
HAST 130°C/85 % 33,3 PSIA 96 hrs, 192 hrs 75 Passed
TCT -65°C~150°C 500/1000/1500/1700/2000 cycles 75 Passed
HTST 150°C 500/1000/1500/2000 cycles 75 Passed

Board Level
Test Item Test Condition Quantity Results
Drop Test -1500 G, 0.5 ms 60 Passed
Cyclic Bend Test Deflection: 2mm
Frequency: 1Hz
36 Passed
TCT -40°C~125°C, 50min 30 Passed

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