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2015 / 04 / 09

ASE Hosts Annual Supplier Awards Ceremony in Honor of Its Network of Partners

Ceremony included inauguration of ASE’s campaign for responsible supply chain management and the execution of a green supply chain program in its long-term commitment to corporate sustainability

Kaohsiung, Taiwan, April 9, 2015 – Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (TAIEX:2311, NYSE:ASX), the world’s largest semiconductor assembly and test service provider, today hosted the ASE Group 2014 Best Supplier Awards ceremony, an event specially organized to recognize and honor suppliers integral to ASE’s ongo ing success. Representatives from 126 companies, supplying equipment, raw material, information technology, logistics, and various other products and services to ASE, were in attendance. A total of 28 awards were presented to the 34 suppliers who had demonstrated extraordinary performance in their support to ASE throughout 2014.

Over the past year, ASE management has relentlessly focused on corporate sustainability within its supply management, resulting in the following developments:

  • Membership in the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC): ASE became a member of the EICC in February 2015, and this membership underscores the significant strides ASE has taken to enhance its commitment to environmental and social go vernance, both within ASE operations as well as throughout its broader supply chain.
  • Launch of the ASE Guidelines for Supply Excellence – ‘SMILE 2ART’: Creation of a framework that is Sustainable, Manageable, Innovative, Lean and Ethical, to build an Advanced, Resilient and Trusted supply chain network.
  • Commitment to work with suppliers to comply with the framework for internal controls guided by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) as well as to adhere to the standards set by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 sustainability reporting.

One highlight of the awards event was the inauguration of ASE’s campaign for Responsible Supply Chain Management and the execution of a Green Supply Chain Program together with ten of its major supply partners. Throughout the campaign, ASE and its ten partners aim to provide leadership and set standards for the backend semiconductor industry to engage in ethical business conduct, employee health and safety, environmental protection and management go vernance.

“Cost, technology, quality and delivery are a given in any supplier-customer relationship, but most importantly, we would like to emphasize the critical role corporate sustainability plays in the supply chain, ” said Dr. Tien Wu, COO, ASE Group. “Driving our team and our supply partners to conduct business in a green and socially responsible manner is a go al that we aim to achieve through mutual collaboration amongst network partners and participation in reputable industry organizations such as the EICC.” He added, “Once again, we take this opportunity to thank all our suppliers for their support.”

This year, the annual awards ceremony was held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan with high level support from the go vernment, academic institutions and industry associations. Honorable guests included:

  • Mr. Wen-Guu Huang – Director-General, Export Processing
    Zone Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Mr. Li-Ming Hsu – Deputy Mayor, Kaohsiung City
  • Mr. Vincent Tseng – Director-General, Economic Development
    Bureau, Kaohsiung City
  • Mr. James Hsu – Chairman, Supply Management Institute
  • Mr. Shu-Shin Steve Lai – Board Member, The International
    Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management
  • Dr. Roger C.Y. Chen – President, National Kaohsiung First
    University of Science and Technology

Supply Partners participating in the Inauguration of ASE’s Campaign for Responsible Supply Chain Management and the Execution of a Green Supply Chain Program:
3M Company Henkel Electronics
Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.
Kinsus Interconnect Technology Group
Kyocera Chemical Corporation
LG Innotek Co, Ltd.
Nanya Technology Corporation
Samsung Electro-Mechanics
Sumitomo Bakelite Co, Ltd.
Unimicron Technology Corporation

ASE Group Best Supplier Awards – Winners:
Copper Wire: Nippon Micrometal Corp.
Go ld Wire: Tanaka Kikinzoku International Co, Ltd.
Molding Compound: Sumitomo Bakelite Co, Ltd.
Epoxy: Hitachi Chemical Company, Ltd.
Solder Ball: Nippon Micrometal Corp.
Capacitor: Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
Capillary: PECO Co, Ltd.
Packing Tray: ASE Tray Plant
Lead Frame: Fusheng Electronics Corporation, Mitsui High-tec Inc., Shinko Electric Industries Co, Ltd.
Assembly Equipment: All-Ring Tech Co, Ltd., ASM Pacific Technology Ltd., Hanmi Semiconductor, GMM

ASE Regional Sites Best Supplier Awards – Winners:
ASE Korea
Substrate: LG Innotek Co, Ltd.

ASE Chung Li
Substrate: Nan Ya PCB Co, Ltd.
Liquid CPD: Dow Corning Taiwan Inc.
Mold tape: INNOX Corporation
BG tape: Mitsui Chemicals Group
Facility: Acter Co, Ltd., Yi-Kai Engineering
Logistics: Trans Van Links Express Corp.

ASE Kaohsiung
FC CSP Substrate: Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co, Ltd.
CRD Equipment: Orbotech Ltd., Shin Wu Machinery Trading Co, Ltd.
Project Equipment: Musashi Engineering, Inc.
Testing Equipment: Tokyo Electron Limited
Bumping Equipment: Disco Kiru-Kezuru-Migaku Technologies
Polymer: Hitachi DuPont MicroSystems, LLC.
Chemicals: Tokyo Ohka Kogyo Co, Ltd.
Facility: Chu-Kuo Air Conditioner Engineer Co, Ltd.
Outstanding Shipping Achievement Award: Nippon Express Taiwan

ASE Electronics
CCL: Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company, Inc.
Drill: Taiwan Union Tool Corp.


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