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2020 / 06 / 03

ASE and Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital extends Community Healthcare to aid the Elderly

Kaohsiung, Taiwan, June 3, 2020. ASE Kaohsiung, a member of the ASE Group (Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc) today announced that it is extending its cooperation with the Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital (KVGH) to bring healthcare to the senior population in the countryside. The program began in 2019 and has covered several districts in Kaohsiung including Meinong, Shanlin, Jiaxian, Liugui and Maolin. Today, representatives from ASE and KVGH signed a memorandum to expand its area of coverage to the county of Pingtung including the townships of Jiuru, Zhutian, Kanding, Wandan and Changzhi.

This year, due to Covid19, many elderly persons especially in the rural communities, faced difficulties going to the hospitals for treatment. With the travelling healthcare program, the medical team could come closer to them to provide services which include osteoporosis treatment, weight loss consultation, early screening for diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure and physiotherapy. The team also organizes educational talks on health that will provide essential information and services similar to those offered in the cities.

Taiwan is also facing a rapidly aging population and access to medical care for the elderly in the countryside has become an increasing problem.  At ASE, we are fully committed to giving back to the community and by partnering with organizations such as the KVGH for the healthcare program, we can better optimize resources for a greater impact. Sustainability is embedded into the corporate DNA of ASE, and we will continue to take responsible actions that will ensure the right balance of achieving business objectives and, protecting the environment and the community.


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