Board of Directors

As the highest governing body, the Board consists of twelve members. Two of the members of the Board are female.

The board of directors has certain powers and duties, including devising operations strategy, proposing to distribute dividends or make up losses, proposing to increase or decrease capital, reviewing material internal rules and contracts, hiring and discharging the general manager, establishing and dissolving branch offices, reviewing budgets and financial statements and other duties and powers granted by or in accordance with the ROC Company Law and ASE inc.’s Articles of Incorporation or shareholders resolutions.

To enhance the effectiveness of corporate governance, ASE Inc. adopted Rules of Performance Evaluation of the Board of Director in 2016. Before the end of each fiscal year, ASE Inc. conducts the performance evaluation according to the evaluation procedures formulated in aforesaid rule. The results of 2017 board performance evaluation can be accessed here. ASE Inc. adopted Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles which sets forth the policy on diversity of the board of directors. The diversity of board of directors can be accessed here.