Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Advanced semiconductor packaging solutions have become a critical component for achieving high-performance and reliability in AI applications.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming industries and enhancing our daily lives in countless ways. From natural language processing and facial recognition to chatbots and self-driving cars, AI is being used to analyze data, automate processes, and provide customized experiences. The implementation hardware of AI is similar to high performance computing (HPC) – both achieve results by processing massive amounts of data using high computing and storage capacity and large interconnect bandwidth. For most of AI emerging applications, special-purpose accelerators, including custom GPUs*, ASICs* and FPGAs*, provide an energy-efficient and significantly faster computing performance compared to software implementations on general-purpose CPUs.

The semiconductor industry is a critical component of the AI revolution, not only providing powerful computing processors to enable AI, but also benefiting from AI for IC design and manufacturing improvements. ASE provides comprehensive packaging solutions including High Performance FCBGA(HFCBGA), 2.5D/3D IC, FOCoS-CL, FOCoS-B and Si photonics that are widely adopted to enable the creation of more powerful and efficient ICs. In addition, ASE is innovating ahead of the curve with the use of AI predictive analytics in smart manufacturing to deliver cost effective as well as reliable IC packaging solutions.