Sustainability Drives the Future

Technology can make a better world and this belief has fueled our ambition to lead the industry in corporate sustainability through innovation, social, economic and environmental stewardship. We connect with external stakeholders to form an ever-expanding virtuous cycle that achieves maximum synergy and keeps pace with the times as our core value.

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Green Actions

At ASE, we actively develop and promote green concepts. We are committed to increasing resource reuse while reducing GHG emissions, wastewater discharge and waste generation. We have also introduced green buildings and wastewater recycling to improve eco-efficiency and protect the environment. In addition, we incorporate environmental considerations at the initial product design stage and develop continuous improvements throughout our processes to achieve green manufacturing services.

Social Influence

As a people-oriented company, we provide a safe and healthy workplace while fulfilling our role as a strategic corporate citizen. To do this, we invest and nurture talent and strive to establish longstanding partnerships with our stakeholders, including local communities, environmental public welfare organizations, government, and academia. We devote ourselves to the community through charity, education and social work that results in resource optimization and increased social influence.

Sustainability Leadership

As a leading provider of semiconductor packaging and testing services, ASE is proud to play a significant role in upholding Moore’s Law and applying our technology on digital transformation, smart manufacturing, high-efficiency and energy-saving processes, creating a new business model for the green economy.

We pursue growth by adhering to the core value of “proactivity, mutual trust, honesty, and self-reflection”. Through an integrated supply chain strategy, ASE ensures that its suppliers and contractors provide quality products and services in a sustainable, ethical and responsible manner.

Concerted Efforts

As a core member of ASE Technology Holdings, ASE is a major contributor of innovative solutions for the group’s sustainability development. We also work closely with various ASE non-profit organizations to support the community and promote a low carbon economy.