Employee Care

For an enterprise to operate sustainably, employees are the most important stakeholders. ASE adheres to a "people-oriented" culture, focuses on the rights and interests of employees, and formulates a complete salary, welfare, and communication system to create a friendly workplace that is suitable for attracting talented individuals. This helps to drive the company forward together, maintain long-term competitiveness, and fulfill sustainable development.


High-quality learning environment for young children. Currently established in ASE Kaohsiung, ASE Chung Li and ASE Korea.

Employee clinic

Offering primary healthcare for employees. Currently established in ASE Kaohsiung, the flagship campus.

Employee care

Established a production line inhouse to manufacture medical-grade face masks for distribution to employees and families free of charge.

Upgrading the Workforce in the Digital Age

Great strides have been made in semiconductor manufacturing driven by the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G wireless technology. Automation, robotics and lights-out manufacturing are the key pillars in smart factories. As such, ASE is developing appropriate training programs on AI and smart manufacturing as well as collaborate with universities to upgrade and strengthen the skills of its workforce. These collaborations are also essential to help build ASE into a world class smart manufacturing facility.

Food Catering for Employees

At ASE, we ensure the strictest controls in food quality and hygiene to ensure safe consumption. We also carefully select healthy cuisines to be served at ASE cafeterias. Because of the diversity in our workforce, we ensure that the food selection caters to the religious and cultural practices of our international employees.

Healthcare Facilities and Health Screening

In 2004, ASE Kaohsiung established a healthcare clinic that offers free annual health check-ups, and general clinical services for their physical and mental well-being. Our female employees enjoy company-paid pre-natal and post-natal care. In tandem, we also work with local hospitals to offer easy access to these services for our employees.

Free Masks for Employee Health and Safety

In response to the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, ASE created an epidemic prevention and management framework, designed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and ensure the health and safety of all employees, while minimizing the disruption to customers and the business operations.

ASE immediately triggered the construction of a Class 100K cleanroom to produce medical grade masks for over 60,000 employees in Taiwan. The production capacity was subsequently increased to cater to employees outside Taiwan.

Maternity Benefits and Parental Leave

ASE has designed a comprehensive leave management system, and the HR department provides employees timely updates on labor insurance and subsidies, as well as assists them in the application process. Employees on maternity leave can apply for early or delayed reinstatement based on their personal needs, without worrying about their job positions.

ASE has also established childcare facilities at ASE Chungli, ASE Kaohsiung and ASE Korea. The proximity of these childcare facilities to our factories provide the parents a peace of mind while working at ASE. The education and childcare standards at ASE’s kindergartens are of the highest quality and affordability, and is an extension of ASE’s commitment to employee welfare.

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