Satellite Communications

ASE innovates advanced packaging to deliver its Satellite Communication SiP Module to the global communications market.

The next revolution in smartphone capabilities is the addition of satellite communications via low-earth, mid-earth or geographic-earth orbit satellites. Initially the services will comprise 2G-esque two-way messaging. But real-time voice communication is on the near horizon.

Advanced packaging innovation is critical to the subsystems fueling the smartphone satellite evolution.

ASE delivers cost efficiencies through combining various satellite communications ICs into a single RF system-in-package module. Integration possibilities are expanding to enable:

  • Emergency and Remote Communication
  • Exploration of New Markets
  • Global Coverage
  • Seamless Switching

Satellite Communication SiP Module

ASE’s highly innovative Satellite Communication System-in-Package (SiP) Module features the integration of the satellite transceiver front-end module with system-on-chip Wi-Fi/Bluetooth FEM components. This SiP further outputs to the various satellite Wi-Fi/BT antennas and can also be further integrated with other antennas as needed. Integration within the Satellite Communication SiP Module can be achieved in one of three progressively space saving packaging methodologies:

Traditional single-sided molding

ASE plays a crucial role in mobile communications, all the way from 2G, 3G, 4G to 5G and the potential integration of satellite communication into 6G. As 6G technology develops, the integration of satellite communications into existing infrastructure has the potential for significant growth, especially for providing reliable global communication in regions that current terrestrial communications cannot fully reach. This will indeed be life changing.

The Satellite Communication SiP Module is presented to major customers as a possible alternative solution for cost and space efficient packaging, leading the pathway to future non-terrestrial communications market growth.