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Who we are and what we do

All around us, digital transformation is changing the way we live, work, play and communicate. As a leading provider of semiconductor packaging and test services, ASE is proud to have played a significant role in upholding Moore’s Law and applying our technology on many of the world’s most innovative electronics. Our technologies have also enabled our customers to create cutting edge products that deliver superior performance, power, speed and connectivity.


Year Established


Member of the ASE Technology Holding Company Ltd
(TWSE: 3711, NYSE: ASX)


Established First 5G mmWave Smart Factory


Number of Employees Worldwide


Number of Smart Factories

We do so much more

ASE is a primary architect of Heterogeneous Integration (HI) - the technology that integrates separately manufactured components into a higher level assembly (System-in-Package or SiP) that in the aggregate provides enhanced functionality and improved operational characteristics.

HI is now the key technology in the advancement of integrated systems for greater intelligence and connectivity, higher bandwidth and performance, and lower latency and power per function, all at a more manageable cost. To learn more about ASE Heterogeneous Integration click here and SiP click here.

Market shifts in customer requirements as well as the advent of 5G wireless technologies have given rise to smart manufacturing and the acceleration of Industry 4.0 at ASE. Smart Factories represent the future of our industry and are an integral part of ASE’s business operations. Our strategy is to leverage on AI, Big Data and Smart Automation to achieve full digital transformation. We are moving ahead of our time by harnessing the power of smart manufacturing to increase productivity, add more value to the supply chain and strive for near perfection. To learn more about ASE Smart Factories, click here.

We are building a better world

Technology can make a better world and this belief has fueled our ambition to lead the industry in corporate sustainability through innovation, social, economic and environmental stewardship. We are focused on implementing robust policies that combat climate change, advance green technologies and manufacturing, promote a strong economy and serve public interests. In 2020, we were honored to be named ‘Semiconductors and Semiconductor Equipment Industry Leader’ on the Dow Jones Sustainability indices for the fifth consecutive year. In the same year, we were also listed on both the CDP Climate A and Water A lists, further demonstrating our commitment to tackle climate change and build a water secure world. To learn more about ASE Corporate Sustainability, click here.

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