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ASE Kaohsiung

ASE Kaohsiung is ASE's flagship operation, housing the Group's R&D center and operating world-class assembly, wafer bumping and test services. ASE Kaohsiung provides full turnkey services, including substrate design and manufacturing capabilities.

Operation Focus

ASE Kaohsiung offers a vast range of package assembly and testing services, wafer sort testing and final testing service, as well as substrate design and manufacturing.

ASE ChungLi

ASE ChungLi, ASE Group's Intelligent Industrial Park, offers total turnkey services, including IC packaging, testing and substrate manufacturing. Located in the heart of Taiwan's major foundry clusters next to the HsinChu Scientific Park. ASE ChungLi has extensive experience in the field of wireless communications and provides image sensor and punched QFN capabilities to leading-edge applications.

Operation Focus

ASE ChungLi offers package design and assembly, module assembly and testing, and substrate manufacturing.

ASE Shanghai Material

ASE Shanghai Material, established in Shanghai's Zhangjiang High Tech Park, is with professional IC substrate production experience and innovative R&D to deliver competitive integrated design and production services to semiconductor industry customers worldwide.

Operation Focus

Substrate design and production for PBGA, TFBGA, BOC, fcCSP, Memory, and SiP Module.

ASE Wuxi

ASE acquired Wuxi Tongzhi Microelectronics Co., Ltd. from TOSHIBA Semiconductor (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. to strengthen the capability of ASE for providing IC assembly and testing services in China.

Operation Focus

ASE Wuxi specializes in QFP, LQFP, SOP and PDIP for household appliance, communications and amusement application.

ASE Korea

ASE Korea, located close to many handset and home appliance manufacturers, has established itself as a leader in RF, automotive and telecom analog, as well as MEMS sensor device package and test.

Operation Focus

ASE Korea offers assembly and test services of sensor, communications, wireless and automotive semiconductors.

ASE Japan

ASE Japan, acquired NEC Electronics' packaging and testing operation in Japan as part of our aggressive globalization strategy, allowing ASE to gain a foothold in Japan. ASE Japan focuses on BGAs, QFPs, as well as IC test services.

Operation Focus

ASE Japan offers assembly and test services of BGA type, and Leaded type.

ASE Malaysia

ASE Malaysia, located in the heart of ASEAN cluster, serves a large customer base in the communications, computing, industrial and automotive markets. Through highly automated manufacturing processes and state-of-the-art equipment, ASE Malaysia has developed capabilities to assemble and test packages such QFPs, TQFPs, BGAs, SOICs, SOJs, PDIPs and camera modules.

Operation Focus

ASE Malaysia provides package assembly and test in the field of communications, consumer electronics, industrial and industrial markets.

ASE Singapore

ASE Singapore, formerly ISE Labs, is noted for its expertise in front-end test and wafer sort, and works closely with ASE Malaysia to form a total semiconductor manufacturing supply chain from front-end testing to backend IC packaging and test. It is in close proximity to the integrated device manufacturers and fabless companies in Hong Kong and Southeast Asia (also known as the ASEAN Cluster).

Operation Focus

Test development, wafer probe and packaged IC test services , and possesses vast experience in mixed-signal and RF testing through a range of sophisticated test platforms .

ISE Labs

ISE Labs has a wealth of experience and expertise to serve the semiconductor community. Our wide breadth of engineering services and products include test engineering support, production test services, test program development, test interface and reliability test hardware, ESD, burn-in, environmental testing, mechanical testing, and failure analysis.

Operation Focus

Offers front-end engineering and final testing services of ICs.

ISE Labs China

ISE Labs China (Yuexin Technology) was officially established in Shanghai’s Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in 2014. Our one-stop service model features a unique ‘Engineering Center + Mini Factory’ concept, that combines the packaging and testing technology leadership and R&D strengths of the ASE Group with ISE Labs China’s leading edge testing service. This service model has allowed us to meet a variety of customer requirements in the production phase as well as solve various challenges during the product development stage.

Operation Focus

Offers functional verification at the new product stage, test program development, engineering lot verification and testing, product reliability verification and testing. Our testing services support diverse industries including biomedical, aerospace and military defense, electric vehicles, network servers, and automotive applications (navigation systems and autonomous driving).

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