2022 / 04 / 29

Embracing a ‘People First’ Approach in Human Resource Management

Sunny Li, VP ASEKH

At ASE, we center our focus on “People” and create a human-centric framework that revolves around improving the quality of employees’ work and daily lives. We listen to their needs; from food, healthcare, housing, transportation, education and entertainment, and tailor our programs to meet those needs as close as possible. As the largest and most advanced manufacturing site in the ASE group, the Kaohsiung campus is fully equipped with facilities including a health center, kindergarten and foreign worker hostel.

During the past two pandemic years, the Kaohsiung team has maintained a high degree of vigilance and put in place preventive measures to protect employee health as well as mitigate any risk to the community. We tailor and adapt our policies as the pandemic evolves, ensuring business continuity and minimal disruption to the daily lives of our employees. In addition, for our 4,000 migrant employees, we provided comprehensive support and assistance that included vaccination against Covid19, dedicated transportation to/from work and counselling sessions. Our policy embraces compassion and empathy as we aim to provide a home away from home for these employees, and reduce their burden and stress while separated from their families and loved ones.

The future of the semiconductor industry and demand for IC chips remain strong and steady. As we enter the era of smart manufacturing, ASE Kaohsiung is leading the OSAT industry in developing state-of-the-art smart factories that deliver the most advanced technologies and solutions to the market. ‘People’ are key to digital transformation and ASE has built a strong foundation in training and upskilling to equip employees for the smart future. At the same time, we continue to recognize the hard work and contributions of employees, and reward them with competitive salary adjustments and regular bonuses, among other incentives.

ASE advocates a relationship with employees built on trust and partnership. We remain focused on providing the most comprehensive HR programs to take care of employees, ensuring a healthy, happy and energetic workplace. Together, we will create a stable and sustainable enterprise that results in the establishing of stronger ties amongst employees and the community.

This May Day, we like to take the opportunity to appreciate each and every one of them for their resilience, unwavering commitment and contributions to the company. Happy Labor Day!