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There are still many unknowns as we continue through challenging global times. However, it is inspiring to see such game-changing innovation within the semiconductor industry, ultimately enabling applications that are literally changing lives, from health to transportation, from robotics to AI, from edge to cloud, from 5G to beyond. Collectively,… Read More


Thermal and Mechanical Characterization of 2.5D and Fan-Out Chip on Substrate Chip-First and Chip-Last Packages

Heterogeneous integration technology makes possible the integration of multiple separately manufactured components into a single higher level assembly with enhanced functionality and improved operating characteristics. Various types of advanced heterogeneous packages are available, including 2.5-D integrated circuit (IC), fan-out chip on substrate (FOCoS) chip-first, and FOCoS chip-last. This study constructs… Read More


2.5D vs Fan-out Chip on Substrate

The demand for high bandwidth and high-performance applications such as networking, AI computing and GPU IC chips are driving innovative developments in advanced IC packaging. Heterogeneous integration enables the integration of multiple chips using fine line/space interconnect packaging technology. Heterogeneous integration packaging solutions offered in the market today include, through… Read More