2021 / 06 / 10

Premiering ASE Technology and Solutions at 2021 WSCE China

Evelyn Lu

At this week’s World Semiconductor Conference held in Nanjing, China, ASE, together with SPIL and USI, showcased the company’s complete solution platform that encompasses its leadership in System-in-Package (SiP) and Advanced Packaging. ASE is a primary architect in Heterogeneous Integration which is helping to drive developments in HPC, IoT and automotive electronics.

Unleashing the synergy of ASE, SPIL and USI to drive chip performance and solve chip design challenges

  • Chip First and Chip Last Fan-Out Packaging solution platform which allows the designing of high performance computing chips with high density
  • 2.5D/3D IC packaging solutions supporting high bandwidth and low latency
  • Design and manufacturing experience in chiplet packaging technology at SPIL – the portfolio includes FO-MCM+EHS-FCBGA(Fan-Out Multi-Chip-Module + Exposed Heat Sink-Flip Chip BGA), HBW-POP(High Bandwidth Package-on-Package), FO-POP(Fan-Out Package-on-Package), ETS-SiP(Embedded Trace Substrate-System in Package), FO-SD(Fan Out-Single Die)
  • USI’s proven miniaturization capabilities that support the wireless and mobile communication markets including LTE Cat.1 communication module, TWS Bluetooth audio module, wireless communication module, dual-core wireless microcontroller (MCU) equipped with Bluetooth®5, OpenThread and ZigBee®3.0. USI’s solutions are widely applied in devices with small footprints such as fitness watches and wearable products, TWS headsets, mobile devices, routers, industrial IoT, healthcare devices and tracking devices

Enabling a Smarter World 

We are accelerating a smarter world through our advanced packaging and module solutions.

  • Complete Solutions for Smart Factories, Smart Cities and IoT-SiP (ASE, SPIL) + System-on-Modules (USI)
  • Safety and Reliability in Smart Automotive. Wire bond, flip chip, WLCSP, SiP and discrete packaging portfolio (ASE, SPIL) + automotive power control modules (USI)
  • ISE Labs China is our first engineering center in China that has received VDA6.3 and AECQ certification and mass production qualifications for automotive electronic chips.
  • Smart Wearables. ASE’s TWS SiP modules enable more functions to be integrated onto a limited space. DockSiP and MicroSiP packaging solutions support miniaturization and ease of integration. Other solutions include integrated MEMS & Sensors, low-power antenna packaging and double-sided thin wireless communications.

Playing a Leading Role through Innovation, Investment and Collaboration

Invited to speak at the Innovation Summit, Dr. KK Kuo (VP, R&D ASE CHINA) provided his insights on the industry landscape and remarked, ‘The 5G+AI digital era and the evolution of Moore’s Law has accelerated the demand for chip miniaturization, high performance and low power consuming chips that contribute to continuous breakthroughs in advanced packaging technology. Heterogeneous integration applications are on track to demonstrate explosive growth in the future, driven by rapid growth in high-performance computing (HPC), 5G, application processor engines (APC), automotive radars, radio frequency, audio, power management integrated circuits (PMIC) and many other applications. High-density packaging will increase in importance and advanced packaging and SiP will help drive the development for the next generation of semiconductor technologies. ASE Group will continue to play a leading role through innovation, prudent investments and industry collaboration.’