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Industry 4.0
What manufacturing looks like in the digital era
Semiconductors are changing our world.
ASE is out front, innovating across packaging technology and ecosystem to facilitate the timely manufacture of semiconductor devices enabling higher performance, lower power, greater speed, and increased bandwidth.
The drive towards miniaturization and integration is rapidly unleashing the power and potential of System-in-Package (SiP). ASE is the leader in SiP technologies from design to assembly and high volume manufacturing.
Fan Out Packaging
Fan Out packaging continues to gain major prominence within the industry. ASE is evolving this packaging platform to meet application demands for smaller, thinner, and faster electronic systems.
MEMS & Sensors Packaging
ASE’s packaging portfolio for MEMS and Sensors include process flexibility, materials expertise, co-design capabilities, turnkey assembly & test services, and customized SiP.
Semiconductor Turnkey Solutions

Semiconductor Turnkey Solutions

We are involved in all stages of the semiconductor manufacturing process. Services from front-end engineering test, wafer probing, package design, substrate design and manufacturing, packaging & test, module, board assembly & test and distribution are fully integrated onto a single supply chain.

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Technology Leadership

Technology Leadership

ASE continues to lead the semiconductor industry with its cutting edge IC packaging technologies to meet the requirements of high-performance electronics products.

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