Electrical Lab

The ASE Electrical Laboratory (E-Lab) is dedicated to providing IC package electrical characteristics design, analysis and characterization in terms of simulation and measurement techniques. ASE E-Lab works closely with customers for the IC package design optimization, system-level SI/PI analysis, high speed/ frequency performance verification, and turnkey passive filter solutions. ASE E-Lab also provides customers the advanced and accuracy measurement service for the package characterization, electrical failure analysis, and both chip and system level mmWave antenna-in-package (AiP).

Design Service

  • Impedance
  • Package Design Optimization (DDR, SerDes, Power, ….)
  • RF Filter Design and Characterization
  • Package EMI Shielding Design (Conformal and Compartment)

Modeling Service

  • Package R/L/C Modeling
  • S-parameter Modeling
  • Package IBIS/SPICE/S-param. Model Export

SI/PI Service

Signal Integrity Analysis

  • TDR Simulation
  • Eye Diagram
  • Crosstalk/Jitter/Timing Analysis

Power Integrity Analysis

  • DCIR Drop
  • PDN
  • De-Cap Optimization
  • Power Noise


  • Up to 170 GHz, Double-side S-parameter Probe Station
  • Up to 260GHz, Single-side S-parameter Probe Station
  • 12” Wafer and Panel-level Size S-parameter Probe Station

Electrical FA

  • TDR Impedance
  • 4-Wire DCR (Open/Short)


  • Component level
  • On-Chip Capacitor
  • RF Inductor

Spherical Chamber

  • Chip/Package Level Passive Test with A Probing Feed
  • Spherical & Direct Far Field
  • Frequency: 18-110GHz
  • Antenna Gain, 2D Pattern

Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) Chamber

  • System Level Active Test with A Connector Feed
  • Quiet Zone: 30x30 cm²
  • Frequency: 18-110GHz
  • Antenna Gain, EIRP, 3D Pattern
  • Beamfroming Test