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2021 / 05 / 10

ASE Kaohsiung achieves 20 million tons of Water Savings Milestone in line with its Water Management Strategy

Kaohsiung, Taiwan. May 10, 2021. ASE understands the vulnerability of water disruption to its operations and as such, is leading efforts to fight one of the worst droughts that Taiwan has ever experienced. As part of its total water management strategy, ASE has been operating its own water recycling facility in the Kaohsiung Nanzih Technology Industrial Park (NTIP) since 2015. Since then, ASE has reduced its reliance on tap water for its manufacturing needs and focused on the principles of ‘reduce, recycle and reuse’ in its water management. Today, with the recycling efforts, the company has surpassed 20 million tons of accumulated water savings, equivalent to the total water consumption of Kaohsiung residents in a month.

To commemorate the milestone, a small scale celebratory event hosted by Raymond Lo, President of ASE Kaohsiung and Board Member of ASE Technology Holding Co, was held at the ASE Green Technology Education Center. As the Kaohsiung campus continues its capacity expansion, the management remains committed to resource recycling, and implementing sustainable programs that include the expansion of the water recycling facility to overcome water challenges. ASE will also continue to expand its public education programs on water and environment sustainability by employing creative technologies at the ASE Green Technology Education Center.

‘In alignment with the United Nations SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), ASE seeks to strike a healthy balance between economic activities and the environment by focusing on resource recycling, energy saving and carbon reduction, and ecological preservation,’ says Raymond Lo. ‘The ASE Kaohsiung team was fully mobilized and collaborated closely to implement water-saving and waste water treatment programs. As a result, only one-third of the water used in the Kaohsiung facilities is tap water, while two-thirds of it is recycled water. Our achievement is a result of resolute team effort and we will continue to play our part to advance our sustainability goals,’ he continued.

About the ASE Water Recycling Facility

The ASE Water Recycling Facility (also known as ASE K14) was established in January 2015 and is located at the Nanzih Technology Industrial Park, Kaohsiung. Phase 1 operations began in 2015 with a daily processing volume capacity of 20,000 tons and a recycling rate of 55%. When Phase 2 operations began in 2019, the recycling facility was able to receive and process wastewater from ASE’s manufacturing plants in NTIP Zone 2 in addition to those located in Zone 1. Its recycling rate was further improved to 70%. By maximizing its own water resources, ASE was able to recycle every drop of water at least 3 times. For more info, please visit


About ASE, Inc.

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