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2020 / 12 / 06

ASE, Chunghwa Telecom and Qualcomm celebrate Taiwan’s 5G technology development milestone with the introduction of the world’s first Smart Factory powered by a Private 5G mmWave Network for Enterprises

KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan. December 16th, 2020 – ASE Inc (a member of ASE Technology Holding Co., Ltd. TAIEX: 3711, NYSE: ASX), Chunghwa Telecom and Qualcomm Technologies today unveiled the world’s first smart factory powered by a private 5G mmWave network located at ASE Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Tien Wu, CEO of ASE Inc; Sheih Chi-Mau, Chairman of Chunghwa Telecom and ST Liew, Vice President of Qualcomm Technologies Asia-Pacific and President of Qualcomm Taiwan and South East Asia convened together to host a press event at ASE’s Building K23.

In an industry first, the ASE 5G smart factory is powered by a made-in-Taiwan private 5G mmWave network service provided by Chunghwa Telecom, and supported by Qualcomm’s suite of mmWave solution platform. Three use cases at ASE’s Kaohsiung facility were identified for the deployment – AI + AGV (Artificial Intelligence + Automated Guided Vehicles) smart transportation, Remote Augmented Reality assistance and the AR experience @ASE Green Technology Education Center. These use cases demonstrate the extensive scope and sophistication of 5G technology application that will accelerate the transformation of smart manufacturing and automation. More importantly, the development serves to boost Taiwan’s leadership in 5G technology deployment for smart manufacturing.

Use cases at ASE’s 5G smart factory

Artificial Intelligence + Automated Guided Vehicles (AI + AGV) smart transportation. On top of the transportation of goods, the implementation of an automatic line inspection via cameras embedded in smart unmanned vehicles and the use of AI and big data reduced manpower burden as well as ensured workplace safety through regular surveillance and problem detection.

Remote Augmented Reality (AR) Assistance. The remote AR system provides ASE’s equipment engineers the convenience of monitoring and reporting data from a centralized control room using big data. With AR assistance, the engineers can synchronize with other colleagues from different locations to service the equipment and hardware, and troubleshoot any problems. The low latency and high speed 5G network not only enhances remote diagnosis but also allows the analysis of big data-generated high-resolution images that can improve detection accuracy, yield and productivity.

AR experience @ASE Green Technology Education Center. The center is located at the ASE recycling facility in Kaohsiung, which is also Taiwan’s largest reclaimed water facility. The recycling facility processes water discharged by ASE factories and the treated water is redistributed back to the manufacturing lines for reuse. ASE’s water recycling program demonstrates the company’s successful adaptation of the ‘reduce, recycle and reuse’ principles in water resource management. To better communicate ASE’s water conservation efforts and innovations, the center has tapped on AR technology to provide visitors a rich and immersive learning experience. The seamless AR experience leverages on the low latency, high reliability and high bandwidth features of the private 5G mmWave network.

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology that is revolutionizing how we communicate amongst humans, devices and machines. 5G delivers ultra-low latency, ultra-fast data speeds and larger bandwidth to connect multiple devices at one time. The power of 5G is driving the swift development of many high end applications including smart manufacturing, internet of vehicles, and remote sensing and control. It has enabled market opportunities in autonomous driving, streaming media, smart healthcare and many other innovations that will empower new user experiences.

For manufacturing enterprises such as ASE, 5G offers high-speed transmission and real-time data exchange that are suited for applications such as automatic handling systems, self-driving and overhead transport vehicles in factories. These systems replace physical handling, reduce the risk of occupational injuries in highly repetitive operations, and improve overall production efficiency. In additional, at each factory, the deployment of unmanned roving vehicles that taps on unobstructed 5G signals within a controlled area, help conduct routine inspection and respond to emergencies in real time.

The launch of the 5G mmWave smart factory today, through the combined expertise of ASE, Chunghwa Telecom and Qualcomm, will stimulate the industry to develop more enterprise use-cases for private 5G networks. In parallel, ASE will incorporate 5G use-case applications in the building plans of all new factories to facilitate unrestricted and fast network coverage. 5G is shaping the future of technology innovation, and opening up a spectrum of endless possibilities connected through the internet-of-things. ASE is also accelerating digital transformation by reskilling and upskilling its employees to transition into higher value job roles. A well trained and professionally skilled workforce will enhance operation efficiency and the quality of the company’s services to customers.

“The increased complexity of the supply chain characterized by the fast changing pace of market demands and technology advancements have set unprecedented challenges for the manufacturing industry. Smart factories that offer a fully connected and highly intelligent operational system represent the next great leap for ASE to optimize manufacturing performance and enhance our value to customers. The endless economic benefits derived from the transition to smart manufacturing and automation are key drivers of ASE’s foray into 5G smart factories. Our partnership with Chunghwa Telecom and Qualcomm demonstrate the efficacy of a private network powered by 5G mmWave technology deployed for enterprises. The introduction of 5G mmWave technology also allows us to expand our operational scope in line with our Industry 4.0 strategy. Today’s development is not only a significant milestone for ASE and our partners, but also serves as a beacon of Taiwan’s leadership in 5G technology.”

– Tien Wu, CEO of ASE Inc

“In Taiwan, the available 28GHz mmWave bandwidth for 5G networks is more than nine times that of 3.5GHz and, satisfies the high speed and low latency requirements by enterprises. Chunghwa Telecom has the highest mmWave frequency spectrum of 600MHz in Taiwan, and is focusing its research and development on 5G, IoT, AI, information security and big data applications. Under the tripartite cooperation, Chunghwa Telecom is responsible for the enterprise-specific private 5G mmWave network deployed at ASE. We are pleased to support the program to boost domestic development of the 5G industry while contributing to improving the overall efficiency of smart manufacturing and production.”

– Sheih Chi-Mau, Chairman of Chunghwa Telecom.

“Qualcomm is excited to play a role in the building of the world’s first smart factory powered by a private 5G mmWave network, demonstrating the cohesiveness and technological superiority of Taiwan’s ICT industry. We believe that the use of a full 5G spectrum helps realize the true potential of 5G’s high-speed, low latency and increased bandwidth features that are necessary for smart factory functions such as real time data processing and remote AR assistance. Taiwan has a pool of talent in OEM and ODM manufacturing as well as key technologies that could leverage on opportunities in 5G applications. As such, we remain committed to support Taiwan’s development and the strengthening of the 5G ecosystem through Qualcomm’s robust and cutting edge technologies for 5G mmWave.”

– ST Liew, Vice President, Qualcomm Technologies Asia-Pacific and President of Qualcomm Taiwan and South East Asia

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