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2020 / 08 / 18

Chunghwa Telecom, ASE and Qualcomm Jointly Introduce Made-in-Taiwan Small Cell Base Stations for the First 5G mmWave Smart Factory in Taiwan

KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan. August 18, 2020. Chunghwa Telecom, ASE and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. announced today to jointly build Taiwan’s first 5G mmWave enterprise private network smart factory, which will introduce three major applications across AI + AGV (Artificial Intelligence + Automated Guided Vehicles) smart transportation, Remote AR (Augmented Reality) Assistance and Green Technology Education Center AR Experience to ASE’s production line in its Kaohsiung facility.

Industry Leaders Gather to Build the First 5G mmWave Smart Factory

In order to promote the development of Taiwan’s 5G industry, the 5G Technology Program Office of the Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA 5G Office) calls on local and foreign industry leaders to jointly build Taiwan’s first smart factory based on 5G mmWave private network. These leaders include ASE, the leading global packaging and testing company, Qualcomm Technologies, the world’s leading wireless technology innovator, and Chunghwa Telecom, Taiwan’s leading telecom carrier. Qualcomm Technologies and Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories will provide technical support and integration solutions throughout the process of planning and construction. The participating parties will encourage Taiwan manufacturers to develop and provide related network equipment, such as 5G mmWave small cell base stations, to play an important role in the ecosystem of 5G mmWave private networks.

According to the MOEA 5G Office, the government’s goal is not only to build Taiwan’s first 5G mmWave smart factory, but also to introduce small cell base stations provided by Taiwan-based companies for the first time, which will greatly enhance the competitiveness of Taiwan’s network communication industry. The 5G Office further pointed out that the introduction of the 5G mmWave small cell base station provided by Taiwan-based companies was not an easy task due to the high degree of technical difficulties. To overcome the challenge, Qualcomm Technologies and Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories will play the bridging role as technology integrator and eliminate integration compatibility issues through the underlying chip hardware and software technology.

“The available bandwidth for 28GHz mmWave for 5G networks exceeds nine times that of 3.5GHz and that it is able to meet the corporate sector’s needs for applications with high speed and low latency. In Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom has the maximum continuous mmWave bandwidth of 600MHz and is committed to technological R&D focusing on five major areas: 5G, IoT, AI, information security and big data. Under the tripartite cooperation, Chunghwa Telecom provides 5G mmWave enterprise private networks with the aim to boosting the development of the domestic 5G industry while improving the overall efficiency of smart manufacturing and production.”

– Ming-Shih Chen, President of Chunghwa Telecom Mobile Business Group.

“ASE has been developing smart manufacturing solutions for many years and has successfully established several smart factories through the management and integration of manpower and factory systems. Within the AIoT smart factory solution, ASE has applied AI, big data analytics and computer-integrated manufacturing to achieve digital transformation (A+B+C to D). We have also deployed a suite of smart factory processes including AGV, machine automated dispatch, EHS (environmental health and safety), energy and warehouse management and IoT technologies to strengthen real-time remote monitoring and factory management, that will result in higher productivity. In the future, 5G mmWave enterprise private network will resolve Wi-Fi transmission issues in latency, unstable connections and signal interference to further enhance productivity and improve the efficiency in the maintenance of our infrastructure.”

– Raymond Lo, President, ASE Inc, Kaohsiung Plant.

“5G mmWave is a foundational technology of IIoT. For smart factories that require flexible manufacturing, predictive maintenance and higher production efficiency, 5G mmWave’s high speed, low latency and wide bandwidth will bring forth transformation at a new level. As a leader in mobile technology, Qualcomm Technologies has been striving to accelerate the commercialization of 5G through leading the world in mmWave development and applications. It is our honor to work with Taiwan’s government, academia and industry to provide technology support to the creation of vertical applications in 5G mmWave smart factories. Together, we can strengthen Taiwan’s 5G networks and further develop the 5G ecosystem.”

– ST Liew, Vice President, QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies Asia-Pacific Pte. Ltd. and President of Qualcomm Taiwan and South East Asia

As one of the three applications of 5G mmWave smart factories and 5G vertical application fields, ASE’s Green Technology Education Center AR Experience will become the largest 5G mmWave + AI experimental field in Taiwan. The Green Technology Education Center is located at the ASE recycling facility in Kaohsiung, which is also Taiwan’s largest reclaimed water facility. The recycling facility processes water discharged by ASE factories and the treated water is redistributed back to the manufacturing lines for reuse. The center showcases ASE’s successful implementation of the ‘reduce, recycle and reuse’ principles of water resource management and has attracted many schools and business organizations to come to learn and exchange ideas. ASE continues to be at the forefront of innovative water conservation methods with the adoption of the latest 5G mmWave and AR technology to enhance visitor experience at the Green Technology Education Center.

Cross Industry Cooperation to Speed up the Upgrade of 5G Vertical Industry Chain

This first 5G mmWave smart factory in Taiwan supported by the MOEA’s 5G office, and jointly built by Chunghwa Telecom, ASE, and Qualcomm Technologies, is expected to be completed by the end of the year. By that time, this enterprise-specific “true” 5G vertical application field will demonstrate Taiwan’s leadership in 5G technology and full 5G spectrum band applications, and be a benchmark for industries around the world.

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