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2014 / 12 / 23

A Letter to ASE Employees from Chairman

Taipei, December 23, 2014

Dear Team ASE,

The year 2014 marks another significant milestone for ASE. We had not only achieved record-breaking revenues for the group, but had also laid the foundation of a new blue-print to bring ASE to the next level of excellence. I do recognize that all these stellar achievements were made possible by our capable team of ASE employees. These efforts have made me extremely proud of the team we have and even prouder to be working alongside all of you. Let me extend my sincere gratitude to you.

This year had also been tumultuous and challenging for the company due to the K7 wastewater incident. We were inundated with a stream of constant public criticism and allegations largely based on the public’s misperception generated from a sensational mass media of unsubstantiated reports. Despite the negative publicity, I witnessed our team’s persistence and commitment in managing the crisis. We did not succumb to this injustice, as the Chinese axiom stated that ‘one shall rise from the place where one fell’. We humbly accepted responsibility and united together to develop a framework for improving our wastewater management and putting in place solutions to address internal shortfalls. This is truly the spirit of ASE!

Your actions speak louder than words and in the face of adversity, your true loyalty shows. I am deeply touched by our employees’ strength, sacrifices and commitment made with each challenge we faced in our 30 year journey at ASE. Together, we transformed the challenges into opportunities and created a world class semiconductor services company.

In the next 5, 10, 15 years, we will inevitably continue to meet obstacles and challenges whereby, we must remain united, motivated and diligent.

I would also like to personally assure all of you that with hard work and a determination to succeed, ASE is unanimously the right company for you to expand your career path and accomplish your ideals. Let us join our hands together and lead ASE into the future; to become a stronger corporate citizen and a leader for the next wave of hi-tech revolution.

As 2014 draws to a close, I am immensely grateful for your support throughout the year. May the New Year bring go od health, abundant joy and prosperity to you and your family, Happy New Year!

Yours sincerely

Jason C.S. Chang
Chairman & CEO


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